As the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus advances, the top priorities at tvONE are the well being of our employees and the continuity of service to our customers. It’s important that we communicate how we are preparing our entire organization and protecting your supply chain. We’ve gone to great lengths to minimize potential impact across operations, suppliers, distribution and transit.
We will work to communicate the specific measures we’re taking through our business continuity planning and the extensive work we’ve done to protect our employees and strengthen operational policies. We’d like to address the potential effects of the virus spreading both internally by mitigating potential manufacturing and distribution impacts and externally by minimizing potential supply chain and transportation disruptions that could affect your business. 
Supply Chain
Several factors unrelated to COVID-19 have contributed to allow tvONE to provide largely unimpeded product supply. Anticipating potential challenges posed by Brexit and the annual effect of Chinese New Year, we have already increased product and component inventories to prevent shortages. For now, we will continue to adhere to our standard of 99% on-time delivery. Going forward, we will provide regular updates regarding our supply status as the global situation evolves.
In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with our key suppliers on a regular basis and are receiving weekly manufacturing output updates.
Technical Support
Our support team continues to operate as normal and there is currently no impact on processing time of support cases. It is our continued mission to ensure that all customers find complete success with our products under any circumstances.
tvONE Operations and Business Continuity
We have implemented infection control practices that span travel, staffing requirements, employee attendance, and operational processes.
  • All non-essential business travel is aggressively restricted both inbound and outbound for all employees, visitors and suppliers.
  • All trade show attendance has been canceled.
  •  Mandatory employee reporting is required for all travel, and quarantine periods will go into effect for any employee returning from a high-risk area based on our own risk assessment, which includes multiple U.S. locations.
  • All employees who are able to work remotely are now working remotely to reduce the number of employees utilizing public transportation and coming into our facilities.
  • Within our manufacturing and distribution departments, we have enacted additional new policies out of an abundance of caution, for example, enforcing social distancing and increasing facility sanitation and sterilization.
Transportation & Logistics
We continuously monitor for quarantine-related closures worldwide and domestically. At this time, we continue to see an unencumbered movement of goods, even in areas of complete quarantine such as Italy. Regardless, we remain diligent and will keep our customer base up to date if we see any potential transit-related delays or impairments.
We will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide you with ongoing updates including any potential changes to business or supply chain impacts related to COVID-19.
Andy Fliss
EVP Sales & Marketing