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Please find below the latest versions of EU/FCC legal compliance documentation for all tvONE products.(May 2024)

CORIO2 scalers use YUV (YPbPr) signals for internal mixing and image generation. If you want to convert an RGB colour value to the respective YUV values for keying and background colours, then use the following Excel spreadsheet: Customer YUV calculator 1.xls

  Basics 1. What is CORIOview? CORIOview is a powerful 4K multiviewer using a single output up to 4K30 or cloned outputs up to 1080P. The system can accept up to 4x 4K30 inputs or 2x 4K60 and up to 8x HDMI or SDI inputs up to 1080P.

The DV1394-Pro does not have a Timecode output. The timecode is only read from RS-422 VTRs during encoding to a computer edit suite. The other way during decoding is not supported!

At present, only the C2-2000A series, C2-6000 series, C2-8000 series and the 1T-C2-750 and 1T-C2-760 units with both DVI inputs and outputs support HDCP in the CORIO range (units beginning 'C2').

For: C2-2000A series units, C2-6000 series units, C2-2375A These units, with version 368 or above firmware, now support HDMI inputs and outputs (where a DVI output connector is present). By default, the inputs are set to DVI mode - therefore to change an input to HDMI compatibility,

Applies to:All 1T-C2-XXX units that support scaling, plus C2-1000, C2-2000, C2-2000A, C2-3000, C2-4000, C2-5000, C2-6000, C2-7000 series 1. If input and output are progressive (not interlaced) and at similar frame rates:

CORIO2 products require the following cables to link to a computer: For C2-4000, C2-5000 and C2-7000 products:A standard 'null-modem' cable - with a 9-way socket at both ends.

Although this is in the 'Adjust outputs' menu, it is really part of the 'Adjust resolutions' data, and thus the unit first needs to be told the resolution number to adjust. First send the 'Image to adjust' command, so set the resolution number that needs the output type changing: