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All advertised pricing must match or exceed the price listed for each product in the “MAP” column as provided to Dealer on the most current, available price list supplied by tvONE or its representatives.

  • Advertised Pricing shall be defined as any publically visible or automatically generated price information, which will include but is not limited to:
    • Printed material containing tvONE products price information
      • Display advertising in any publication as purchased and placed by Reseller or Reseller agents.
      • Direct mail developed and disseminated by Reseller or Reseller agents.
      • Any printed, publically available information provided by Reseller or Reseller agents.
    • Electronic media displaying tvONE products price information
      • Web sites operated by Reseller or Reseller agents.
      • Online Public Shopping forums or price guides. This shall include prices displayed on “shopping cart” or “checkout” pages.
      • Automatically generated and publically available discounts of any kind.
  • Remedies
    • tvONE reserves the right to refuse any order or portion of any order.
    • Products on Reseller purchase orders may be compared to Reseller’s online websites and resale portals. Should any product on the website or resale portal be shown as advertised below tvONE Minimum Advertised Price, tvONE may refuse to fulfill the order or specific line item on the order.
    • Reseller purchase discount level may be reduced without prior notice effective immediately from the date non-compliance of MAP policy is acknowledged by tvONE or tvONE’s agents.