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Who is Bosch

With more than 65 years of experience, Bosch is a well-established partner and innovative leader in quality conferencing solutions. An outstanding product portfolio with award-winning designs deliver a perfect fit for any meeting environment ranging from small local events to giant international summits. The modern solutions from Bosch offer more, in terms of capabilities, security, and return on investment, to meet the needs of customers and professionals around the world.

Joint offering

Combining Bosch conference equipment with tvONE CORIOmatrix offers the possibility to stream the video of the active speaker to a hall display or system that records or webcasts the HD-SDI feed.

Bosch conference and discussion systems

Our range of highly secure and extremely versatile conference systems offer solutions for different application areas, from small local events to giant international summits. Based on the application type, the number of seats and the required system functions, you can choose the right conference solution for all your customers.

Features of the interface

The Bosch Conference system connects to the tvONE video switcher via TCP/IP and controls the switcher by using the protocol of tvONE to switch the video stream of the person speaking automatically to displays or video walls.


City councils, regional councils, parliaments, non-governmental organization, court houses, commercial buildings, banking, rentals, convention centers, congress hotels, etc.

Speak to sales

If you have a project you would like to discuss involving tvONE & Bosch products, please contact your regional sales manager.

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Bosch supported solutions are listed here: DICENTIS, DICENTIS Wireless, CCS1000D