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CORIOmatrix - Universal I/O Scaling Matrix Router up to 32 ports, C3-340

A 4RU, high performance modular video matrix switching system which supports cross conversion and scaling of nearly every video format.

Category: Matrix Routers
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: C3-340

Fully modular - anything in, anything out!

CORIO®matrix, the industry's leading ultra-flexible, modular, multi-format 4K matrix router, is a one box solution for integrating mixed AV, broadcast, IP and legacy sources seamlessly at very low latency. It's ideal for applications where SDI is used in conjunction with 4K HDMI, DVI, and H.264/H.265 IP feeds.

CORIOmatrix (4RU) and CORIOmatrix mini (1RU) can accept a huge number of I/O configurations allowing complex functionality to be quickly and simply configured to meet your exact needs. CORIOmatrix is 100% dependable helping you to eliminate show-stopping AV moment while also being whisper quiet for in-room installs.


Mixed signal support - Up/Down/Cross Conversion

Whatever the source or format, it's easy to mix and match your content using tvONE's low latency CORIO scalers featuring the widest range of resolutions with full control of frame rate, aspect ratio, and frame/field handling.


 Fast and clean switching

CORIOmatrix delivers a dependable visual experience whatever your source with instant, glitch-free switching or fade through black.



Fully integrated audio routing

Deliver the fullest audio flexibility with audio following video or easily select independent audio and video sources. Click here to find out about other audio options for CORIOmatrix.


Fast control the way you want it

Control CORIOmatrix in real-time using our Web interface or fully featured API. For third-party automation control, we offer free plug-in modules for the most popular control systems saving you programming time.


Simplified system control and monitoring

Monitor all of your inputs and outputs for ultimate peace of mind using our optional monitoring module.


Output sleep mode

Remotely turn off your displays either singly or globally to simplify your system control whilst reducing your controller costs and power consumption.


Custom resolution support

CORIOmatrix supports any standard or custom resolution from 640 x 480 to 3840 x 2160 to allow you to integrate any source and any display including projectors and LED walls for ultimate flexibility.


Key Features

· More than just a AV matrix switch

· Flex i/o: unparalleled flexibility and freedom when dealing with mixed any AV format

· Modular design (16 slots)

· Huge variety format support with 12+ modules types

· Low latency format conversion

· Ultra-fast and clean switching

· Video monitoring preview available through optional monitoring output module

· Integral Audio Routing

· Audio de-embed/embed for SDI and DVI/HDMI

· Control: RS-232, TCP/IP, and WebUI

· Command Line Interface - Third Party Control

· Coming soon: IP streaming integration & local 4K playback

· 4RU Frame Size

· HDCP compliant

· Custom input/output resolution support

· Monitor Standby mode

Quad input modules

· New Quad input modules provide 1080p inputs for greater density

· Include Quad HDMI input module and Quad 3G-SDI module

Scaler Modules Provide

· Any format in / any format out

· Seamless, Cross Format Matrix Switching

· Up-Down-Cross Conversion

· Dynamic aspect ratio conversion (4:3 into 16:9 or vice versa)


· Audio Module with AES In & Out

· Digital & Analog Audio Breakout Boxes

· Redundant Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

· Rear Rackmount Supports

· Universal DVI Adapters (DVI to other connectors)


CORIOdiscover PC Based Application

A separate small CORIOdiscover application can be installed on your computer (included with system purchase or available by download) can be used to auto discover your CORIOmatrix or CORIOmatrix mini on your network and automatically by selecting the device, open a web browser to the specified address for easy connection and control of the router.

The CORIOdiscover app allows the user to log into a unit to update the firmware, change communications settings and create new custom resolutions that can be used as an input or output resolution. Communication and firmware updates can also be made through CORIOdiscover.

To download CORIOdiscover, Click Here.

CORIOdiscover w editor

New Custom Resolution Editor for CORIOmaster & CORIOmatrix

The Custom Resolution Editor allows for custom resolutions to be created and uploaded into the unit to be used as either an input or output resolution. New resolutions can be created through the unit's API commands for each output or created by using the updated CORIOdiscover app on initial system installation and then selected by the user for each output and auto-detected as an input resolution.

Resolution Editor

Resolution Editor

Resolution List w Empty Slot


Ship-top go-kart track

tvONE's CORIOmatrix 4K modular matrix router is being used on this two-level, open-air racetrack located on the top deck of this $640 million cruise ship. The track includes 8 HDMI inputs showing driving statistics and live feeds, which will be distributed using HD-SDI (720p) around the ship to entertain clients and to boost bookings.

In our world, we are running a mixture of broadcast and AV signals in parallel. The CORIOmatrix is perfect as it enables us to switch between the two seamlessly, especially the HD-SDI output this is quite unique. We also have a range of other sources - Apple TV, media players, SDI cameras, etc. The integrated multiviewer and it's ability to combine scaling saves space, time and complexity - if we had to do this without the CORIOmatrix we would need to integrate a whole load of small little boxes."

-Matthew Hodkinson, Senior Design Engineer

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

Surgery system

tvONE developed a custom video routing system transmitting 2D, 3D and 4K images for Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe's minimally invasive surgery system. Olympus provides a complete workflow solution - from camera to screen - for minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy or keyhole surgery). The company is a leading provider in the field and one of the first to offer 3D and 4K endoscopic cameras.

"After a comprehensive review of alternative solutions, we chose tvONE due to our already existing strong relationship and very good experience in the past. Due to this, we approached them to create a custom solution based on the CORIOmatrix scaling matrix router."

"We were delighted with the speed and efficiency with which tvONE were able to fulfill all of our requirements," said Borg Enders. "tvONE's expertise has enabled us to develop a system that delivers the outstanding image quality for which Olympus is renowned, is more compact, more user-friendly and more flexible."

-Borg Enders, Senior Product Manager

Audio General, Inc.

Corporate lecture room

We are very happy with the CORIOmatrix, it solves so many problems especially mixing 4:3 signals and 16:9 it eliminates wiring complexity and simplifies overall control of an installation.

In our lecture theaters, the laptops were changed from VGA to HDMI with 16:9 laptops and 4:3 displays plus lecture now being streamed to students. With CORIOmatrix, the upgrade was NO PROBLEM!

-David Spiegel, Owner

Easily bridge the broadcast, AV and IP landscape with a platform designed for your 24/7 mission critical challenges


Eliminate complexity, simplify control experience pain-free audio and video distribution




















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