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For: C2-2000A series units, C2-6000 series units, C2-2375A

These units, with version 368 or above firmware, now support HDMI inputs and outputs (where a DVI output connector is present).

By default, the inputs are set to DVI mode - therefore to change an input to HDMI compatibility,

you need to go into 'Adjust sources' and set the 'EDID' to 'HDMI' and not 'DVI'. Store the new setting by holding the menu button in until a beep is heard, and then re-boot the unit. Any new source will then see an HDMI EDID packet and know that it can send HDMI video and audio.

The output is automatically set to HDMI if the display supports this.

To use the audio from an HDMI source, a new menu is present in 'Adjust outputs' called 'Audio emb' that lets you select which audio source to send to the display. By default, this is 'Mute'. Setting it to 'On' then lets you change the audio source, or set it to 'WinA' for it to follow the currently select video source.

For units with SDI inputs, the audio is now de-embedded and can be routed to the output.

For C2-2375A and C2-6204 units, the SDI output also has the audio embedded onto it.