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Symptoms of HDCP not working when fed to a display are: 1. Flashing/interrupted video2. Constant/interrupted picture 'noise' (like tuning to a non-existent TVchannel)

Some computer and video resolutions can be mis-detected on CORIO units ifthe source is analog. This is because the CORIO unit only has the horizontal and vertical frequencies (plus the sync polarities) to measure in order to work out the correct resolution

In some graphics cards, whatever screen resolution you set your graphics card to output, the C2 unit always shows it as another resolution, such as 1920x1200 60Hz Rb. This is not because the C2 unit has incorrectly detected it - it means that your graphics card is scaling your intended resolution to the highest resolution that the C2 unit supports.

Most 1920 x 1080p sources are from DVD / Blu-ray players, and these output the signal using component video cables whose signals are Y, Pb and Pr. Within the Y signal is a narrow 'tri-level sync' signal to syncronize the picture. However, analog graphics cards from PCs tend to output RGBHV, where H & V are seperate syncs.

Units concerned: 1T-CT-520 1T-CT-521 1T-CT-528 If you are feeding the unit 1920x1080, make sure that the timing standard is EIA861B

In order to recall the presets on all the C2 units where availiable (except the 5000 and 4000 - see here C2-5000 Preset RS-232 control compared to C2-7000) two serial commands are required. For the preset recalls you will need to send two commands the first being the Preset to work with and the second command is the action, in this case Load Preset.

Image on projector is blurry / blurred - but direct connection is not This may be caused by the computer source being scaled twice - once by the CORIO unit and once again by the projector. Many projectors have a 'native' resolution of 1024x768 - which means that that's the resolution of the LCD within the projector that forms the image.

EDID stands for 'Extended Display Identification Data'. It is generally used to let a PC determine the abilities of a monitor, such as: 1. Whether it is an analog (CRT) or digital (flat-panel) monitor.2. It's maximum resolution.3. Specific resolutions available on the monitor.

This feature is only present on C2-2000A units , with firmware versions of 270 and above. EDID is an information packet retreived by a PC graphic card over a DVI link from a monitor which tells the graphic card which resolutions are compatible with the monitor. See What is EDID?