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The C2 Messenger application allows creation and reception of serial messages to aid in the integration of C2 products into control systems.

Software Download:
Version 1.23 ProtocolTool_setup.zip

This is compatible with the following products.

C2-7100 C2-7110 C2-7200 C2-7210 C2-7260

1T-C2-100 1T-C2-150
1T-C2-200 1T-C2-250
C2-160 C2-260

C2-1100 C2-1150
C2-1200 C2-1250 C2-1350

C2-2100 C2-2105 C2-2150 C2-2155
C2-2200\A C2-2205\A C2-2250\A C2-2255\A C2-2350\A C2-2355\A

C2-5000 C2-4000