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The following values can be used in CORIO2 products to create specific standard' colors. Generally this data is useful for the keying and background color settings.The values conform to ITU-R BT.601 & EIA 770.2. Color Y Value Cr Value Cb Value

The following is a guide on how to control the S2 units via the RS232 connector on the back of the unit. If the S2 unit is connected to a CORIO2 (scaler) unit, then you should instead see the protocol for the CORIO2 unit in question. S2-USER Communications Guide Protocol 2 V0.1.pdf

The following document details how to use the C2-7000 RS232 document, where it details running Macros (called Presets on the C2-5000), to perform the same tasks on the C2-5000. Basically, 2 bytes (4 characters) are removed where Output and Window were specified, and a bit in the first byte sent is set low. C2-5000 Preset Control.pdf For reference, also see: RS232 Control over CORIO2 unitsRS232 Control over the C2-4000 & C2-5000 Universal Scalers

This is the stand alone version of the resolution editing software that is included with the CORIO2 Windows Control software. This allows users to modify existing resolution data built into the C2 units as well as add new resolution data for custom applications. resEdit_setup1.23b.exe This is compatible with the following products. C2-7100 C2-7110 C2-7200 C2-7210 C2-7260 1T-C2-100 1T-C2-1501T-C2-200 1T-C2-2501T-C2-400C2-160 C2-260 C2-1100 C2-1150C2-1200 C2-1250 C2-1350 C2-2100 C2-2105 C2-2150 C2-2155C2-2200 C2-2205 C2-2250 C2-2255 C2-2350 C2-2355

Firmware version 230 added HDCP abilities to the following units: C2-2200AC2-2205AC2-2250AC2-2255AC2-2350AC2-2355A (Only units with DVI input and output can support HDCP.) These changes are covered in manual version 2.4, and also in this addendum sheet:Addendum-C2-2000A-HDCP.pdf See C2-2000 / C2-2000A Series firmware updates

This is a sample color skew test pattern that may be used when calibrating skew offset on the TV One line of analog CAT-5 extenders.Please display the image on the source PC at a 1:1 ratio or 100% of the original size. Right Click on the image to save a copy onto your PC.

The A2-2000 cannot mix audio together - it's purely a router. So in Dual PIP mode on a C2-7000 series unit, the A2-2000's first output follows window 1A, and the 2nd output follows window 1B. No mixing can occur, only audio routing / selection and volume / balance control. For powerful audio mixing, the C2-7310 with additional A2-7000 series units will perform full audio mixing with delay and SD/HD-SDI embedding/de-embedding

Some of Apple's computers have Apple-specific connectors, with the relevant adapter cables being available to convert to DVI. We have found an compatibility issue with the Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter, when used with the C2-7000 series. No other C2 units appear to be affected. There are two solutions available: 1. Switch to using the Mini-DVI port instead (as shown above) if this is available - this has been tested and works fine. 2. Obtain a "Cablesson MacKuna Mini DisplayPort Adaptor to DVI". This has been tested and found to work fine.

The Lock Source allows selection of the input used as the basis for genlocking, picture in picture, overlay and underlay. You can choose any input connector, completely independently of Program source or Preview source - however it only becomes active when the Lock method is set to anything other than 'Off', at which point the scaler's Output image and type are locked to the Lock source (and thus the Output image is no longer adjustable). In general: the Lock source is the background when in PIP or Overlay mode; and the foreground when in Underlay mode.