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This is the stand alone version of the resolution editing software that is included with the CORIO2 Windows Control software. This allows users to modify existing resolution data built into the C2 units as well as add new resolution data for custom applications.


This is compatible with the following products.

C2-7100 C2-7110 C2-7200 C2-7210 C2-7260

1T-C2-100 1T-C2-150
1T-C2-200 1T-C2-250
C2-160 C2-260

C2-1100 C2-1150
C2-1200 C2-1250 C2-1350

C2-2100 C2-2105 C2-2150 C2-2155
C2-2200 C2-2205 C2-2250 C2-2255 C2-2350 C2-2355