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C2-7000 Series firmware updates
Note: this software is not guaranteed to work on Windows Vista.

The current version of the firmware is:

Version 265:
For C2-7100, C2-7200: c25_c2_7000_v265.exe
For C2-7110, C2-7210, C2-7260, C2-7310 (266): c25_c2_7010_v265_266.exe

What happens when a firmware update is performed on a CORIO unit?

1. Changed 'cut' transition code to freeze last image and wait until new
source is ready.
2. Improved color-space conversion between BT.601 and BT.709 (SD / HD
video resolutions).
3. Corrected audio parity error checking and ECC data on C2-7310 embedded
SDI audio.
4. Improved black & color levels on all units.
5. Added black level control (0 or 7.5 IRE) for YUV inputs.
6. Fixed RS232 control of analog sync types.
7. Greatly improved motion compensation system.
8. Added support for 1080i YPbPr / SDI sources in motion compensation
9. Added noise reduction system for CV / YC / 1080i YPbPr inputs.
10. Added 'Frame / bob' method to de-interlacing system.
11. Added AMX Beacon to all units.
12. Added Aspect correct menu to allow for automatic aspect ration
correction - in Adjust sources.

Known Issues:
1. If using a Preset to switch between Switcher and Independent mode,
Layer values may become corrupt.

NB: If using the CC-300 with this unit, you must upgrade to the latest
firmware: CC-300 CORIOconsole firmware updates
Please also see C2-160, C2-260, C2-1000, C2-2000, C2-3000, 1T-C2, C2-7000
Series Windows Control Panel software (WCP) for the latest version

The above is a self-extracting file which includes the firmware data
file, plus the firmware programmer. You will need either:
1. a null-modem serial cable and a spare COM / RS232 port on your
computer (see RS232 connection / cable); or
2. an ethernet connection for both the C2-7000 series unit and your
computer, with the IP addresses set up correctly (you should be able to
'PING' the C2-7000 series unit).

Previous versions:

Version 227:
For C2-7100, C2-7200: c25_c2_7000_1.0.46_v227.exe
For C2-7110, C2-7210, C2-7260, C2-7310: c25_c2_7010_1.0.46_v227.exe

Changes since 185:
1. Improved stability of 2nd output.
2. Further stability improvement when locking to CV sources.
3. Autoset Sense level added to System menu.
4. On 48-key units, menu switch up/down goes to beginning/end of current
menu for fast navigation.

Version 185 (C2-7310 is 179):
For C2-7100, C2-7200: c25_c2_7000_1.0.45_v185.exe
For C2-7110, C2-7210, C2-7260, C2-7310: c25_c2_7010_1.0.45_v185.exe

1. Fixed problem where edge-blend setup would not be restored after
2. Fixed problem on C2-7000s where loss of composite video lock source
might cause fault condition - see Fault code C054 C154 appears
3. Improved YPbPr HD output levels
4. Altered EDID for improved compatibility with some graphic cards
5. Added H/V Crop feature, to ease conversion of different aspect ratios
6. Added pixel-accurate selection of 'input' and 'output' window for
specialized applications (set Aspect adjust to Pixel)
7. Added Presets to all units (some require 'Advanced menus' set to 'On'
in System menu). Allows storage of 10 different Output/Window/Keyer
8. SHIFT-menu control button on units with 48-key panel will show which
window is currently being controlled (useful for Dual PIP mode)
9. Push special effect added to all units with overlay abilities.
10. Genlock and Lock&Mix are temporarily disabled when the lock source is
removed or is not stable.
11. New RS232 function to indicate when a video source is lost.
12. Diagonal interpolation added to all up-scalers with overlay abilities
- improves de-interlacing of moving images.

Version 173:
For C2-7100, C2-7200: c25_c2_7000_1.0.45_v173.exe
For C2-7110, C2-7210, C2-7260: c25_c2_7010_1.0.45_v173.exe

Changes since previous version (items marked * are already present in
C2-7110, C2-7210, C2-7260):
1. *Extra edge-blending option, providing 'side' adjustment where 2x2 (or
more) blends are overlapped.
2. *Improved edge-blending guide-lines - more accurate.
3. *Fixed bug where macro store of output resolution would not store
4. *Increased button hold time for Factory Reset using RESTORE button to
5 seconds (was less than 1 second).
5. *Wider range of gamma values now available when edge-blending (from
0.01 to 1.50in 0.01 steps).
6. *Fixed bug where A2-2000 LED wouldn't go red in shutdown.
7. *Changed menu-associated buttons (e.g. ZOOM on C2-1000) so that they
only come on if at that menu AND adjusting.
8. *Changed adjusting routine so that brackets stop flashing (i.e. can no
longer adjust) after 20 seconds of inactivity.
9. *Added menu item for 'Aspect change'.
10. CC-300 buttons are now programmable from the C2 scaler it's attached
11. Backlight on units with LCD can now be disabled.
12. Fixed issue where C2-7000 backlight could not be fully dimmed to
'off' state.
13. Added 'On source loss' to 'Adjust sources' menu, so that user can
define what should happen when a source is lost. Default is blue screen.
This replaces the 'De-glitch' menu item in 'Adjust windows'.
Added to / altered resolution database file. Interlaced resolutions now
show as field rate and not frame rate. (e.g. 1920x1080i 29.97Hz now shows
as 1920x1080i 59.94Hz.)
14. Analog sync type is now stored with each resolution, with HD
resolutions defaulting to tlYUV.
15. Added 'legalizer' for units with SDI output - prevents excursions
beyond 'legal' Y & C values.
16. Improved black-level clamping for HD component input / output.
17. Added A/B bus mode in Switcher mode
18. Fixed problem in C2-7260 where user could select 3 SDIs at a time
(only 2 are allowed).
19. Fixed problem in C2-7260 where storing Lock=SDI1 would not restore
properly (code thought it was already active)

Version 148: c25firmup_1.0.45_v148.exe
For: C2-7100 & C2-7200
1. Fixed issue where logos would not always load up after power-on.
2. Added 'E.blnd compensation' option to boost minimum brightness level
in non-overlap area. This compensates for most projectors' inability to
output true black.
3. Fixed issue where CC-300 initial connection might cause problems.
4. Added support for more S2 units.
5. Fixed CC-300 issue where negative numbers were not always allowed for.
6. Fixed CC-300 issue where blanking button did not always blank the
correct output.
7. Improved motion compensation - better sensitivity to fast motion.
8. Eliminated occasional pixel sparkle when shrinking CV/YC video to low
size on high resolution output.
9. Increased PCB temperature fault condition limits, for use in hot
10. Fixed issue with Independent mode where 1A resolution would overwrite
2B resolution (and vice versa) under certain circumstances.
11. Fixed 1a logo fade bug.

Version 120: c25firmup_1.0.44_v120.exe
1. Made Lock H/V shift item accessible when in Lock & Mix mode as well as
Genlock mode.
2. Fixed C2-7100 Ethernet upload issue on newer boards.
3. Can now lock to a 525i/625i YUV / YPbPr source - but requires that
source is clean and jitter free.
4. Fixed CV/YC genlocking jitter issue on newer units.
5. Added advanced field swap / line offset adjustment to Adjust source
(set Advanced menus = On)
6. Changed description of some inputs to more closely match the physical
connector type.
7. Fixed bug where tlYUV setting for HD outputs did not restore on
power-up if saved.
8. Added transitions to Dual PIP and Independent modes.
9. Increased maximum transition time to 999.9 seconds and improved
transition time accuracy.

Version 96: c25firmup_1.0.44_v96.exe
1. Improved colour quality for CV/YC/SDI inputs.
2. Improved fine-detail colour quality for CV/YC/SDI outputs.
3. Fixed problem where only Macro 1 would actually run (although others
would store, etc.).
4. Macro load/delete time (for button hold) increased to approx. 1s/5s
respectively in response to customer demand.
5. Improved sync separation for 720p 50Hz YPbPr sources.
6. Improved analog sync (RGBHV, YPbPr, YUV, etc.) input on RGB1/2/3 –
more accurate resolution detection.
7. In Switcher mode, blanking the output (using 'Output enable') now only
affects Program and not Preview.
8. Reduced jitter visible on very high resolution (UXGA and above) analog
RGBHV inputs.
9. Units now more jitter-tolerant on analog RGBHV / YPbPr / YUV analog
10. Improved resolution detection on RGBHV / YPbPr / YUV analog inputs.

Version 71: c25firmup_1.0.44_v71.exe
1. Autoset for analog RGB (in Adjust sources menu).
2. Improved 1080i in/out performance when no zoom/shrink active.
3. Edge-blending now present - see Edge blending function and setup guide
4. 'Auto' mode in Adjust sources for RGB inputs now defaults to YUV
(instead of RGsB) if no analog sync detected.
5. 'Output res' changes (for changing the output resolution) now only
takes effect when no longer adjusting the value (i.e. when the brackets
stop flashing). This makes resolution changes much faster.
6. Revised EDID data (for DVI-D connection) to include chromaticity data.
7. Bug fixed where Z window (background image) was not updating during a
Takein Switcher mode, if nothing else had changed.
8. Improved fade transition in Switcher mode to help prevent 'Z
leak-through' if a background is present. As long as no Shrink value has
changed, and keying not active, leak-through will no longer be present.
9. Fixed occasional problem with 2nd output in independent mode.
10. CC-300 functionality improvements.
11. Fixed problem where (in Switcher mode) a non-valid signal could cause
a 'Take' to become instant.

Version 56: c25firmup_1.0.43_v56.exe
1. Fixed issue with error code '8570' or '8572' on power-up.

Version 55: c25firmup_1.0.43_v55.exe
1. Improved performance with CC-300 CORIOconsole
2. Extra button definitions added, to allow user to directly select
sources for each Window (A&B).
3. Fixed reliability issue with Macro programming.

Version 48: c25firmup_1.0.43_v48.exe
1. Fixed problem where wipe transition would not wipe out old window
until end of transition.
2. Improved DVI & SDI de-interlacing.
3. Fixed 1080i output window break-up for certain low Shrink values and
high-resolution inputs.

Version 45: c25firmup_1.0.43_v45.exe
1. Added sharpness control for CV and YC inputs (under 'Adjust sources')
2. Added Colour transient improvement & digital noise reduction to CV and
YC inputs (always active).
3. Fixed problem where EDID data for RGB3 input was not always correct.
4. Many extra resolutions added - so therefore some numbering will have
5. Added 'Output enable' in 'Adjust outputs' for fast blanking of output.
6. Greatly improved all image locking and centering functions - removes
the need for TL/BR changes in 'Adjust sources' for DVI, SDI and HD-SDI
7. Improved resolution detection system - more accurately detects
resolutions and frequencies (eg. 29.97Hz / 30.00Hz).
8. Fixed Logo glitching bug when used as a Switcher video source.
9. Improved de-interlacing method for high-resolution inputs (e.g.
1080i), active when 'De-int.' set to 'Auto'. Old method can be used when
set to 'Normal'.
10. Improved analog RGBHV/YUV interlaced handling (avoids line-swapping
for certain resolutions).
11. Changed default 'De-int.' setting from 'M.comp med' to 'Auto'.
12. Fixed bug in Switcher mode, where Z layer could not reliably be
placed in front of Window 'A' layer, but behind Logo 'a' layer.
13. Fixed bug regarding position of logos in PAL/NTSC output mode
14. Improved PAL/NTSC detection (on CV/YC inputs) so that no input
connected now gives 'Not valid' instead of blue screen.
15. Correct border size for interlaced and PAL/NTSC outputs.
16. Improved analog YUV input for DVI-I connectors when 'RGB input type'
set to 'A-YUV'.
17. Fixed error that stopped firmware update at 5% when updating via
18. Full compatibility with C2-160, C2-260, C2-1000, C2-2000, C2-3000,
1T-C2, C2-7000 Series Windows Control Panel software (WCP).

Version 34: c25firmup_1.0.42_v34.exe
1. Fixed bug that caused problems when used with A2-2000 Audio switcher.
2. Correct problem with 'RGB input type', where switching from A-YUV to
A-RGB caused a purple tinge to appear on screen.
3. RS232 'Take' now working.
4. C2 image loader now compatible with this version of firmware - see
C2-7000 series Logo and Testcard upload
5. H/V shift now available in 'Genlock' mode.

Version 30: c25firmup_1.0.42_v30.exe
1. Implement full RS232 protocol - see RS232 Control over CORIO2 units
2. Fixed bug where coloured line appeared at top or bottom of some
3. Corrected problem where a horizontally flipped image might have
purple/green edges.
4. Corrected 1080i field-swap problem.

Version 28: c25firmup_1.0.42_v28.exe
1. Locking & mixing with analog RGB/YUV now fully supported.
2. Zoom/Shrink values in 'Advanced Aspect adjust' mode are now correctly
recalled from a Macro.
3. Analog What is EDID? data now available, when RGB1/2/3 input source is
set to A-RGB or A-YUV.
4. Fixed 3:2 pull-down film-mode 'FM' display - but will only show when
source is used in an active window.
5. Added RGB1/2/3 source types of D-RGB, D-YUV, A-RGB and A-YUV so user
can specify exactly what's coming in the RGB/DVI ports (plus Auto).
6. Fixed problem where genlocking to PAL would cause odd/even line
7. Switching between CV & YC input sources is now smoothing (glitch-free).
8. Fixed macro problem bug, where storing multiple macros could reset the
9. Moved 'Aspect Adjust' (Simple/Advanced) to Adjust windows menu (from
System), so user can specify aspect adjustment on a per-window basis.
10. Output resolution changes no longer affect position of Logos. Logo
position is now set as a percentage of the screen size.

Version 24: c25firmup_1.0.42_v24.exe
1. Added SC/H phase adjustment for PAL/NTSC outputs*.
2. Added IRE setup level for PAL/NTSC outputs*. This default to 0 IRE.
3. Added Hue control for PAL/NTSC outputs*. This allows +/- 22 degree of
colour change.
4. Added Luma & Chroma bandwidth adjustment for PAL/NTSC outputs*. This
gives Low/Med/High options.
5. Added Luma-chroma delay for PAL/NTSC outputs*. This varies from -4 to
6. Added control to change between NTSC / PAL, and PAL-M / PAL-N.
7. Added ability to change the DVI-D output separately from the DVI-A
output when outputting a PAL, NTSC or HDTV resolution.
8. Fixed bug where macros were not saving correctly.
9. Fixed bug where settings were not being stored properly in
non-volatile memory.
10. Power-down of unit now goes into full-standby more to conserve power
- unsaved settings are now lost.
11. Added support for C2 Image Programmer.
*Indicates these adjustments are only visible when Advanced menus=On (in
System menu), and only when the current output resolution is PAL or NTSC.

Version 21: c25firmup_1.0.42_v21.exe
(First public release.)