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CORIOmaster2 LITE 4K Video Processing for small and medium applications available outside of North America.

Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: CM2-541

**Product not available in North America**

Your everyday 4K video processing redefined!

Create the ultimate 4K60 video experience for your small to medium LED installations, projection edge blends or monitor walls. CORIOmaster2 LITE is simple to order and budget friendly.

CORIOmaster2 LITE (CM2-541) is a purpose built, off-the-shelf, all-in-one 4K video processor with industry leading performance that is perfect for your small and medium installations. Using our proprietary CORIO processing engine, CORIOmaster LITE provides unrivalled power and stunning quality for uncompromised, low latency video performance.

- Perfect for small and medium applications: Up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs.

Display multiple video windows: Up to 16 4K60 video windows simultaneously.

Go large and creative: 360 degree rotation and up to 8 outputs with high bandwidth outputs

Huge design canvas: Seamlessly manage multiple walls for easy set up and control.

Multi-user control options: Choose from software, app, 3rd party control or button panel.

Make it sing: Embedded audio or external audio connectivity.

Source labelling: Easy identification of IP sources.

- Luma Keying: Add real-time keyed elements to grab viewers’ attention.

If you're working on a project, please fill out our Video Wall Configurator form. For more information about CORIOmaster2 LITE, please contact your tvONE sales representative for guidance on your solution application. 

tvONE products are trusted TAA-compliant video processors, signal management and racking and power solutions.

Unparalleled performance: Simultaneously display 16 4K60 windows with typically one, maximum two, frames of latency.

Extreme reliability: 5 years warranty and optional dual redundant PSUs - it's easy to see why we are trusted by professionals.

CORIO video processing: Proprietary FPGA technology optimized for 4K60.

Design flexibility: Power your LED walls with pixel-perfect accuracy or create edge blends and performance or display walls.

Anything in: CORIOmaster2 LITE accepts digital, IP, broadcast, and legacy AV inputs.

Simple to configure: Intuitive and versatile software perfect for powerful creative design and control.

Huge canvas: Enjoy a large 64,000 by 64,000 pixel canvas for complete design freedom.

Secure comms: Keep your information safe with HTTPS SSL connectivity and experience RESTful multi-user control with remote monitoring.

Luma Keying: Add real-time keyed elements to grab viewers attention.

Directory of available APIs for tvONE products: https://api.tvone.com/

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