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AP-299 AP-299

AP-299 Dolby Digital to Analog Audio Converter is a versatile tool that provides conversion capabilities between Optical, Coaxial and L/R Analog audio signals.

Audio Products
2211036-02 2211036-02

Extend Line level Stereo Audio signals over Category 5/5e/6 cable up to 2000 feet.

Audio Products
A2-7302 A2-7302

Provides 8-In/8-Out AES3 Stereo Channels on XLRs from CM-AUD-8IN-8OUT

Audio Products
A2-7312 A2-7312

Provides 8-In/8-Out AES3-id on BNCs from CM-AUD-8IN-8OUT

Audio Products
A2-7322 A2-7322

Provides 8-In/8-Out Analog Stereo Channels (Bal or Unbal) on Terminals from CM-AUD-8IN-8OUT.

Audio Products
A2-7342 A2-7342

Provides 4-In/4-Out Analog Stereo Channels on XLRs from CM-AUD-8IN-8OUT

Audio Products
AP-411 AP-411

AP-411 Lip Sync Corrector is a compact device used to correct audio/video timing mismatches that result in the loss of synchronization of the two components of A/V program content.

Audio Products
AP-536 AP-536

AP-536 HDMI Audio Extractor The AP-536 is a compact device that allows you to extract embedded audio from an HDMI signal.

Audio Products
S2-105DVIA S2-105DVIA

Input Expansion ports adds 5 DVI-D ports with Stereo Audio to C2 Series Switchers

Audio Products
S2-105PCA S2-105PCA

5x1 RGB/YPbPr and Stereo Audio Switcher. Bandwidth 500MHz

Audio Products