Category: Audio Products
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: S2-105PCA

5x1 RGB/YPbPr and Stereo Audio Switcher. Bandwidth 500MHz

Inputs VGA-HD15
Outputs VGA-HD15
Status Active

The S2-105PCA has been scheduled for End of Life. This product will remain on our price list, and will continue to be available until June 2015.  If you need an S2-105PCA, please contact your sales representative.

The S2-105PCA adds 5 VGA video inputs, the S2-105PCA provides 5 VGA video inputs plus 5 stereo audio inputs and the S2-109PC adds 9 VGA video inputs of switcher capability. Throughput signals may be either UXGA (Separate Sync) or YPrPb (Embedded Sync) formats.

  Key Features of the S2-105PCA

· S2-105PC adds 5 UXGA or YPbPr video inputs
· S2-109PC adds 9 UXGA or YPbPr video Inputs
· S2-105PCA same as S2-105PC Plus 5 audio inputs
· Interface to host via OPTION Connector
· Controllable via RS-232 & Infrared & Front Panel
· Products may be operated standalone if desired
· Companion versions available for most formats
· Optional Single/Dual Rackmount Kit available