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Celebrated French digital artist Charles Giulioli’s latest exhibition featured a colourful range of landscape pieces displayed on a series of screens, fed by a tvONE® CORIOmaster® mini

Held at the contemporary Galerie Mondapart on the outskirts of Paris, Giulioli’s exhibition was unusual due to the on-and-off lockdowns in the city. This meant that he wanted to show his works on the screens in the gallery’s windows, which would be visible to passers-by.

To achieve this, Giulioli searched for the right solution and found the compact, powerful yet simple-to-use tvONE CORIOmaster mini.

“For some time now, I’ve wanted to display my ‘generative pieces’ – which evolve with some randomness in the visuals - and especially one recent artwork that is a landscape that develops endlessly, as through the window of a train,” explains Giulioli. “My intention was to get the impression of watching it through windows, and this meant that I wanted the screens to be distant from each other.

“I also wanted to avoid the cold and ‘business-like’ feeling of regular screen walls, by using different screens including monitors and TV screens with different sizes and different resolutions, with the screens hung in a ‘careless’ manner."

Finding the tvONE CORIOmaster mini was the icing on the cake, as it enabled me to achieve all of these things simply, easily, and with the reliability I required.

The compact form factor tvONE CORIOmaster is designed for smaller 1080p solutions, with the ability to add two 4K video sources and up to 10 displays, which perfectly suited Giulioli’s requirements.

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“I have six screens hung on a small standalone wall, which has been put on wheels,” he continues. “The cords and connections are hidden in this structure, and the entire thing can be turned around in case a problem occurs and we need to access the connections. Most of the time, the installation is facing the window so that people can see it from the street. Often, people are intrigued by the strange disposition of the screens before they can see the image itself.”

tvONE says it designed the CORIOmaster mini to be a powerful, efficient solution for people requiring a simple way to build anything from large video display systems to more modest set ups. Using the CORIOmaster mini, multiple video windows can be positioned on LED, display based video walls or projector edge blends, displaying any of the sources connected to it.

Windows can be visually transitioned into position, resized or rotated to any proportion allowing designers to achieve striking visual effects.

“The software that comes with the CORIOmaster mini is easy to use,” adds Giulioli.

The team at tvONE were very helpful and in many ways, using it on this exhibition was a test to ensure it works in the way I want it to successfully display my artworks, and the great news is that it does!

“I’m now eager to use this technology for a more expansive real-world project, which is likely to be an installation with large screens in public space.”

Giulioli has been creating digital art experiences since 2003, and has been responsible for a series of remarkable large scale public interactive multimedia installations. 

Images © Charles Giulioli