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tvONE’s award-winning universal rack mounting system ONErack™ is providing cool, simple-to-install solutions for media players and control interfaces on two of Norwegian Cruise Lines’ most technically-advanced ships.

The entertainment solutions team engaged for the project required a space-saving, clean and efficient solution for a range of equipment. This included HDMI extension cabling, media players and control for a laser tag area on Norwegian’s multimillion-dollar Bliss and Joy cruise liners.

Due to the high temperatures in enclosures on the open deck of the ships, they used several of tvONE’s HD-One HDMI Extenders. These have a very low power requirement, resulting in low heat output that would help to keep the outdoor enclosures cool.

The team needed to accommodate several smaller transmitter units in the equipment rack, and before discovering ONErack, this would have taken up several rack shelves to accommodate the units and a lot of space for power strips to house all of the individual wall-wart power supplies. But now, rack installation and systems integration are vastly improved and take up far less space. 

The liners now have 6U ONErack units with a Plexiglass front cover, plus an additional four modules to fill the frame. Rear cabling was loomed to allow each module to be slid out of the front for assembly and service. 

                                                      OneRack Front view 1     OneRack rear view 1

In addition, the single universal power supply within the ONErack system feeds multiple voltages to fourteen different devices. ONErack is specifically designed to convert any externally-powered devices into slide-in modules that can be installed quickly and cleanly - and allow for easy servicing and maintenance.  

Integrators spend a lot of time and money to install and service these small devices, says Mark Armon, Product Manager at tvONE. The beauty of our ONErack solution is its simplicity – a rare thing these days.

The Norwegian Joy was updated as it moved to the USA in 2019. Her sister ship, The Norwegian Bliss, debuted in 2018. Both offer a range of tech-based entertainment, with Joy offering a unique gaming area that focuses on immersive technologies.