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tvONE (www.tvone.com) announces an installation featuring the C2-8210 universal seamless switcher inside The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision to elevate the video and sound quality of two theatre halls utilized for movies, education, corporate events & presentations.

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision ('Nederlands lnstituut voor Beeld en Geluid') is a cultural-historical organization of national interest. The collection of Sound and Vision contains the complete radio and television archives of the Dutch public broadcasters. In addition to the collection, Sound and Vision has two theatre halls that are available for seminars, congresses and company presentations. Due to problems with the old switches in the theatre halls, Jeroen Korsse, Coordinator Media Experience at Sound and Vision was looking for a more reliable technical solution. In consultation with lntronics, they installed tvONE's universal seamless switches.

Challenge: high-quality events

The Institute features two theatre halls available for movies, education, corporate events, and presentations. These facilities should provide video and sound content with the highest possible quality. Unfortunately, the existing switches didn't always function as expected and lntronics was approached by Jeroen Korsse to devise a solution that would resolve their problems. Jeroen was looking for a control system based on the touch screen and realized a tvONE solution was the answer.

Solution: tvONE's C2-8210 universal seamless switcher

"Jeroen was invited to our AV Lab in Barneveld”, explains Thomas Rouw, Business Development Manager at Intronics. “We gave him a demo of tvONE’s C2-8210 universal seamless switcher and were able to show him how the switch could work in the Institute. After explaining the technical possibilities, Jeroen made his choice."

Jeroen Korsse said, "The universal input seamless switcher provides high-quality video switching and conversion between a variety of analog and digital video formats. The standard system features 8 DVI-U input modules, two DVI-U output modules, and 3G-SDI input/output modules that can be scaled and switched between, along with two independent processing channels. Using these modules, I can work with all video formats. The ability to select the DVI-U inputs for any PC or HDTV resolution was the most important reason to choose the tvONE's C2-8210. People I work with almost always bring their own device with a different resolution. With the tvONE switch that won't be a problem anymore."

Result: tvONE switch became the 'beating heart' of the system

The unit is housed in a standard 1 U rack mount case and features an optional redundant internal PSU and power inlet. All the functions can be controlled via the front panel Push Buttons, an RS- 232/422/485 or IP connection. The video begins playing with just one press of the button. "Since the tvONE's switch has been installed, presentations and events have been running smoothly. Own content is played for the visitors of the institute when there are no events scheduled. Thanks to the new switch, the system is so stable that we have decided to create a work instruction for our employees so that they can control and play our own content," Jeroen Korsse concludes.