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For: C2-4100, C2-4110, C2-5100, C2-5110, C2-5200, C2-5210 

This is available from the link below, and is compatible with both Windows 98SE & Windows XP.

However, for Windows 98SE you should first download and install Microsoft MDAC 2.8 (this is already present in Windows XP). The Microsoft website link for this is:

(Please note that this is quite a large file.)

To install the CORIO2 Control Panel software download & run the following file:

(Includes firmware version 174)

 If you have a scaler with SDI, you need to go to Tools / Advanced / Preferences and tick the "Show SDI options" checkbox.

Release Notes for Scaler Control Panel Version 1.0.8

1. Application Requirements
2. General Release Notes
3. Windows 98SE Release Notes
4. Windows 95/NT Release Notes
5. Windows XP / 2000 Release Notes
6. Current Known Issues
7. Revision History

1. Application Requirements:

Operating System : Windows XP(recomended)/2000/98SE
Disk space required : 10MB
Memory recommendation : 128MB

2.General Release Notes:
The scaler *MUST* be uploaded with version 174 or above of the scaler firmware. This version 174 is included with the download.

To update your scaler select the Tools->Advanced->ScalerUpdate menu and then use the File option to select the application Corio2 application directory.
Press the Program button when ready.

3. Windows 98 SE Release Notes:
In order for this application to operate Windows 98 requires MDAC 2.8 to be installed, these can be found on the Microsoft web site.

4. Windows 95/NT Release Notes:
This application has not been tested to work with Windows 95 or Windows NT

5. Windows XP / 2000 Release Notes:
No issues found.

6. Current Known Issues:
- Can not load a saved file from an SDI type unit in to a non-sdi unit
- Output Type not always read/written correctly

7. Revision History:

Version 1.0.8 Released
- *** NEW FEATURE *** SDI units are now detected and the user is warned if the control panel is setup incorrectly
- Bug fixed where presets were not saved correctly.


Version 1.0.7 Released

- *** NEW FEATURE *** Keyboard buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 now relate to the on screen Front panel buttons
- Fixed overflow bug generated with some images in testcard loader
- Fixed bug where output type was not set correctly when changing resolutions
-Added SDI2 input type to Lock/Overlay Screen
- Resolution table was one resolution short when saving resolutions to a file.
- Fixed Multi Unit control, where error message was displayed after enabling a new setup
- Resolution_ConvertArraytoFile was one short when saving resolutions to a file.
- Fixed Multi Unit control, where error message was displayed when enabling a new setup
- Fixed problem where save did not store the last entry of the resolution table
- Load presets - cancel was not followed through so it asked if scaler should be programmed even if canceled
- Presets not loaded into scaler if only contained 1 entry


Version 1.0.6 Released

- *** NEW FEATURE *** Created and Added new Resolution Create and edit tool
- Added update ability in the help menu - to get updates for the control panel and for the firmware
- Fixed Bug where last value is not always sent to scaler and slider jumps back.
- Added Delete/Rate/Pause commands to macro files.
- Added headphone adjustment
- Added no operation button type
-16:9 4:3 output select now operates correctly
- Added Smoothing - Auto option
- Improved macro record facility


Version 1.0.4 - BETA
- Improved the Macro facility
- Added Ethernet Support
- Added check for updates feature

Version 1.0.3 - Released
First Public release