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CORIOtools Suite Release notes
tvONE Release Notes, CORIOtools Suite, v1.2.14.3.pdf

CORIOtools Suite v1.2.14.3
CORIOtoolsuite V1.2.14.3.zip

See release notes for Improvements & Bug Fixes


CORIOtools Suite v1.2.13 & Release notes

Changes since v1.2.11


Remove Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Vs dependency that stopped the project from compiling in Visual Studio 2015.
Added the function to automatic adjust the aspect ratio after change the input source during using multiviewer.

Bug Fixes:

Graphic file uploaded to 1T-C2-750 SIS with wrong colors.
Added C2 750 and 760 products to frmSISLoader to allow uploading of PCX file to the device.
Fixed count of Windows when displaying Radio buttons so that it displays the correct number of Windows.
Fixed Keying panel to display correctly as it was being hidden along with the Swap ComboBox.
Fixed layer order positioning as it was one out and excluding the last available position.
Fixed typo in frmEdgeBlener.cs where vieowall.ico should be videowall.ico which was cause complier errors.
Fixed the issue of the pan up and right is not working at multiviewer form.
Fixed the issue of aspect ratio not working correct once change input source with different input resolution at multiviewer.

When installing the CORIOtools suite the installer will require the appropriate .Net Framework to be installed. Please note that it appears that some virus protection systems may block the install of the .Net framework and as such you may have to ask a system administrator to install this application.

Should you need the .net Framework 3.5 it can be downloaded from :
Should you need the .net Framework 4.0 it can be downloaded from :

Version 1.2.11 Update Release (will require .NET 4.0):
Release notes: CORIOtool suite - v1.2.11 SW Release Note.pdf

Main Changes from 1.2.4:
1. Improved compatibility and performance with Multiviewer products
2. Updated design and colour scheme
3. Bug fixes

Version 1.2.2 Update Release (will require .NET 4.0):
Release notes: CORIOtools Suite - TV One Release Note 1.2.2 (28 Mar

Version 1.2.4 Update Release (will require .NET 4.0):
Guide for use SIS in CORIOtools Suite: Guide for use SIS in CORIOtools Suite_update.pdf
Main Changes from 1.2.2:
1. Added the cloning function for C2-8000 (firmware version >=435)
2. Added PCX format for C2-6000 (firmware version >=438) still image store
3. Added the cloning function for C2-6204 and C26104A with firmware version >=438

Version 1.2.2 Update Release (will require .NET 4.0):
Release notes: CORIOtools Suite - TV One Release Note 1.2.2 (28 Mar

Version 1.1.16 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Main Changes:
1. Added Logo control to Basic Control, include position, fade level and enable etc.
2. Fixed the preset writing issue from saved XML file
3. Improve the preset store display first connected sacler
4. Improve the message display related with preset

Version 1.1.13 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Added code for read 8000 detail product label
Added the code for make sure 7000 and 8000 in independent mode when Edgeblending
Fixed the Edgebleding source switch for 8000 and 7000 to output 1 and 2
Fixed the C window display wrong in independent mode and output 2 for Basic

Version 1.1.12 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Added Event manager and added control to C2-8000
Added split for 2 projects to 3D tools, input 3D input source and 2
outputs to 2 projects (only for 8000)
Fixed the S2-PC 1.. S2-PC5 input source display issue when connect to S2-105PCA
Fix the protocol plugin sending command missing "\r" when type in the command in sending message box

Version 1.1.6 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Fixed the IP communication issue
Fixed the load/save file for C2-6000
Added Autoset to Basic source tab
Fix the protocol plugin sending command missing "\r" when type the command in sending message box

Version 1.1.4 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Fixed the bug related with preset run/store and 7000 output 2 edgeblend setting
Added 3D tools
Added reset button to Basic Control
Enable 3300 Edgeblender setting and fixed SIS selection in Basic Control

Version 1.0.42 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
4 side independent adjust feature in Basic Control and Edge Blender plugin only for C2-2450A firmware version 355 or above

Version 1.0.40 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Fix the bug in blend setting tab of Basic Control.
Add 4 side independent adjust feature to Basic Control and Edge Blender plugin for C2-2450A

Version 1.0.39 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Added Source tab with TL/BR to source adjust to Basic Control
Added Swap fore/back ON/OFF to Basic tab Keyer
Support C2-2375A
Add adjust the Lock source and change the Output Type when Lock mode in any mode

Version 1.0.34 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Integrated the C2 Messenger. Add product label to display scaler name.
Added firmware version display in Assign scaler form. Fixed the input resolution read bug.

Version 1.0.31 Update Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Integrated the Edge Blend tool

Version 1.0.28 Release (will require .NET 3.5):
Added Multiviewer tool

Version 1.0.26 Beta Release (will require .NET 3.5):
This is a Beta release for testing please see version 1.0.21 below for the latest stable release
Added Multiviewer tool

Version 1.0.20 Update Release:
This is the updated release of CORIOtools suite which added support to C2-3000 and C2-6204; audio support in Basic Control and Store, Lock/unlock to System tab.
This is the updated release of the CORIOtools suite which can be used to control C2-6000 series and the CX-760-4 units.

Version 1.0.11 Update Release:

Fixed some bugs and added C2-7000 series support (this support is beta).
Added more functions to Basic Controls and updated the database as well.