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Coming soon! High bandwidth 2RU video processor based on a fifth generation 4K/8K, 10bit processing engine.

Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: Coming Soon
CALICO PRO is the first of a new line of ultra-powerful video processors with multi-window, multi-screen and multi-layer based upon tvONE’s latest, fifth generation 4K/8K, 10bit processing engine on a new, high bandwidth, flexible, 2RU hardware platform.
We’re designing features and hardware from the ground up to achieve visibly superior results, ensuring that no detail is lost, from computer graphics, broadcast sources, IP Streams, still images and multimedia clips at their native resolution up to 8K now and in the future.
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*CALICO PRO is currently unavailable to order; to discuss a future project please contact your Regional Sales Manager.

1. Advanced features – Highly flexible platform with an on board still image store, input and output cropping, keying, and window labels

2. Smart interface – CALICO Studio is a highly intuitive, yet hugely powerful design software for fast, secure, flexible control. For custom control set ups, our extensive, real-time API is available free of charge and plug-ins are available for popular 3rd party control systems.

3. Source Link – With our huge bandwidth capabilities, 8K is a breeze. For quad 4K workflows we can lock multiple sources together using Source Link for simplified set up and control.

4. LED Tools – Doing Direct View LED right! Advanced set up tools, unlimited cropping, custom resolutions, and Packaged Outputs make for much more flexible LED set ups.

5. Any Output Anywhere – Enjoy complete visual freedom using our independent outputs for even more flexibility for your solution design.

6. Output Watch – Monitor your expansive LED, edge-blended projection, or display set ups with ease, for complete peace of mind.

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