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Powerful stand-alone 4RU video wall processor for expansive 1080p installations with up to 56 inputs, which can also display up to five 4K video windows, and up to 56 outputs in 4RU.

Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: C3-540

C3-540 CORIOmaster® is a powerful, efficient approach to building large video display systems. Multiple video windows can be positioned on LED, display based video walls or projector edge blends, displaying any of the sources connected to CORIOmaster. Windows can be visually transitioned into position, resized or rotated to any proportion allowing designers to achieve striking visual effects. Each system can support up to 4 (4 for mini, 2 for micro) separate video canvasses.

CORIOgrapher, the control software for the CORIOmaster family of processors, is a simple, easy to use design interface that enables window and source positioning and transition effects. This dynamic feature is easily managed through presets in CORIOgrapher or by simple commands executed by third party control systems. 50 presets can be saved permanently in the system.

If you're working on a project, please fill out our Video Wall Configurator form.

Latest Feature Enhancements:

Quad HDMI Input Module: Double the number of system inputs for up to 56 sources on a single 4RU CORIOmaster chassis (CM-HDMI-4IN).

Dual 4K Output Module: The 4K60 output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC-2OUT) provides a smoother, more immersive, video experience. Output choices using the new module include 4K60 (up to 14 outputs), 4K30 (up to 28 outputs) and 4K60 output cloning, or for dual, independent, 4K30 outputs. The cloning feature makes setting up repeat displays, duplicated side screens and screen recording much simpler and more efficient in use.

CORIOgrapher Enhancements: The CORIOgrapher setup and control software has been updated. Presets can now be specifically numbered, which makes programming any member of the CORIOmaster
family even easier and quicker, while removing automation set-up headaches.Enhanced preset management saves time by automatically including newly added windows to existing presets and a cleaner look and feel for simpler creation of display layouts and for selecting sources during set up. 

Custom Resolution Manager: A Custom Resolution Manager is fully integrated into CORIOgrapher allowing installers to easily create and verify custom output resolutions using basic display information for LED setups. From this basic setup, CORIOgrapher will guide you to your desired resolution. CORIOgrapher does the complex work making a very challenging task in to a simple one.

Keying: Uses optional keying dual output module (CM-HDMI-SC-2OUT-KEY) to provide keying using two layers, background, and foreground. The module uses a luminance keyer so any video information in the foreground layer that is darker than the defined luminance key level will be keyed out allowing the background layer below it to become visible. There is also a softness factor so that edges appear anti-aliased. Keying is done in real time with no visible latency.

8HD Player: Uses a 4K streaming media and playback module (CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH) to deliver synchronised playback of up to 8x 1080P/30 stored files. Create and store fully synchronised video groups and deliver to up to eight outputs. For example, a single source can be split into 8 multiple files to create an 8 x 1 synchronised layout. Other layouts are possible depending upon how your displays are arranged and how your source files are created. Files are grouped for synchronised playback and multiple file groups can be added to a playlist for presentation.

Low Latency Streams:  Use the 4K streaming media and playback module (CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH) to view an incoming, low latency, IP stream from a live source. Simply enable low latency mode for a typical latency below 300ms from source to encoder to the CORIOmaster. Audio is not supported in low latency mode.


Workflow Tools:

EDID Manager: Manage system default EDID’s and upload new EDID’s as .edd files and assign these to your inputs as required. User added EDID files can be deleted if no longer needed.

FTP Upload: Connect your 4K streaming media and playback module to an FTP server to enable media files to be received over the network and stored for playback. New files uploaded to the server can be synchronized to the module by using a simple API command. Files that are part of a playlist can be updated to the server by uploading them to a sync folder, synchronized with the module using the API command and played automatically by the module when next due to play in a playlist. Download speed to the module is managed so as not to overwhelm your network.

AES Encryption: Decode IP streams that have been encrypted using the AES CBC standard using 128 or 256-bit key length.

IP Stream and Media Playback Labeling: Add customizable labels to IP streams and playback media files Text Labels of up to 20 characters can be added and positioned in one of nine areas on screen. Font size can be adjusted, background and foreground color can be inverted, and borders can be added and customized. There are four user selectable formats for displaying the label, custom text, friendly name or file name, file title or file name or file name only.

Crestron automation module: Upgrades to the Crestron Control module for CORIOmaster allows seamless control for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro. New features include the ability to route sources to windows, recall presets, and Canvas level audio adjustment including mute and volume control. This enhanced development evolves from the previous module, by enabling REST based control facilitating multiple connections to the CORIOmaster from a range of control clients.  To request the Crestron Control module for CORIOmaster products, fill out the form here.

CORIOmaster App: The CORIOmaster app is a free and secure application for smartphones and tablets that extends the control of CORIOmaster video walls onto mobile platforms. Users can execute all simple control functions with ease through the CORIOmaster app, including viewing all canvases, viewing ‘source to window’ assignments, activating presets, switching inputs, and assigning fresh sources to windows. More sophisticated control is possible by sending single or command chains using API commands set.


Key Features:

Secure Command Interface:

Secure Communication mode: Optional mode to encrypt all networked based communication through AES128 encryption to provide private communication in mission critical applications where network security and authentication is essential.

REST API / WebSocket: Based on industry standard schema, CORIOmaster supports REST API providing multi-user communication to device. Integrators can now subscribe to a growing range of events to provide real time feedback from CORIOmaster (such as: HDMI handshake, lost source, USB stick removed, etc). These events can be used by a control system to automatically monitor the performance and events of the videowall and respond accordingly.



Multiple control points: Using our REST API up to four users can now control a single CORIOmaster chassis simultaneously making programming, control and fault finding a dream. In addition to control via CORIOgrapher, simultaneous control is possible using the CORIOmaster app (IOS and Android) and by a third-party control system using our real-time API interface.

CORIOgrapher login profiles: System administrators can set different levels of control for up to four user profiles for Power User and User access control.

Emergency cut/mute features: Cut individual canvasses to black and mute audio or cut all outputs to black and mute

Audio management: Audio can be passed through the system from source to display. Alternatively, audio can be de-embedded, cross converted and re-embedded on another source for each of your four canvasses. Input and output volume control together with audio mute gives full control.

CORIOmaster App: The CORIOmaster App is a free application for smartphones and tablets that extends the control of CORIOmaster video walls onto mobile platforms. Download it here.

Transition Effects: CORIOgrapher, the control software for the CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro videowall processors now has included simple easy to use window and source transition effects. This new animation feature is controlled by presets in the system. Transition effects occur not only by selecting presets in CORIOgrapher but also by third party control systems.

CORIOmaster Transitions: Building of presets in the system now save one or any combination of the following window transition effects as part of a single preset:


  • Preset Duration - 0 to 60.0 seconds
  • Fade through Black - Source change occurs in black
  • Horizontal Shrink and Expand - Image shrinks horizontally with source change in the middle and then expands back to previous window size
  • Vertical Shrink and Expand - Image shrinks vertically with source change in the middle and then expands back to previous window size
  • Spin - Both left and right rotation up to 7 times in either direction with source change in the middle of the duration.
  • Size - Windows can be sized accordingly and saved in the preset
  • Rotation - Windows can be rotated independent of Source Spin in 359º/+359º
  • Movement - place a window in the desired location on the video wall.


tvONE products are trusted TAA-compliant video processors, signal management and racking and power solutions.

New Features:

  • Quad HDMI Input Module – Double the number of system inputs for up to 56 sources on a single 4RU CORIOmaster chassis.
  • Dual HDMI Output HD Resolution Keying module – add icons, layer data feeds and areas of interest.
  • Synchronized playback – Optional mode for dual 4K streaming and media input module allow synchronized
  • playback of up to 8 HD clips.
  • Low latency IP mode – view an incoming IP stream from a live source with a typical latency below 300ms
  • in this mode.
  • FTP workflows – Receive media files over the network and store them for playback.
  • AES Decryption - Decode IP streams that have been encrypted using the AES CBC standard using 128 or
  • 256-bit key length
  • EDID manager – Easily manage system default EDID’s and upload new EDID’s.
  • Custom resolution management - Increased storage for up to 20 custom resolutions.
  • New look CORIOgrapher – Design and control your video walls quickly and easily.

    Other Key Features:

    • Secure command interface
    • REST API
    • Real-time status feedback through events
    • 265 4K/30 streaming media & 4K playback input module
    • Audio support
    • Audio module
    • Patented CORIO®3 videowall processing technology
    • Manage up to 4 video walls
    • Uses CORIOgrapher; simple, powerful software interface
    • Live dashboard to switch presets and window sources
    • Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module
    • HDBaseT Input Module
    • 4K Input & Output modules
    • Custom Resolution Editor with resolutions auto detected on inputs & selectable on the outputs
    • CORIOdiscover application to create custom resolutions, auto discover devices on network, firmware updates and communication settings for each system
    • Outputs rotated in 1-degree increments
    • Combination of different size and resolution of displays can be used
    • Adjustable bezel compensation
    • Edge blending of projectors
    • Universal DVI Inputs: (HDMI/DVI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr)
    • DVI-I Outputs: (HDMI/DVI/RGB/YPbPr)
    • HDBaseT Inputs & Outputs
    • SDI Inputs/Outputs: SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to 1080p60
    • High Resolution Inputs/Outputs: Analog: PC to 1920x1080, HDTV to 1080p/60
    • DVI: PC to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p/60 w/EDID
    • HDMI-Compliant input & output with HDCP handling
    • Video signal parameter adjustments
    • Horizontal alignment on analog PC inputs
    • Up-Down-Cross Conversion
    • Control: RS-232, IP
    • Command Line Interface - Third party control
    • AMX & Crestron modules available
    • 4RU width Frame Size
    • Modularity Provides Flexible I/O
    • Directory of available APIs for tvONE products: https://api.tvone.com/
    • Options
      • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies 
      • Rear rackmount supports
      • Universal DVI adapters (DVI to other connectors)

    CORIOdiscover PC Based Application

    A separate small CORIOdiscover application can be installed on your computer (included with system purchase or available by download) can be used to auto discover your CORIOmaster or CORIOmaster mini on your network and automatically by selecting the device, open a web browser to the specified address for easy connection and control of the router.

    The CORIOdiscover app allows the user to log into a unit to update the firmware, change communications settings and create new custom resolutions that can be used as an input or output resolution. Communication and firmware updates can also be made through CORIOdiscover.


    To download CORIOdiscover, Click Here.

    CORIOdiscover w editor

    New Custom Resolution Editor for CORIOmaster & CORIOmatrix

    The new Custom Resolution Editor allows for custom resolutions to be created and uploaded into the unit to be used as either an input or output resolution. New resolutions can be created through the unit's API commands for each output or created by using the updated CORIOdiscover app on initial system installation and then selected by the user for each output and auto detected as an input resolution.

    Resolution Editor

    Resolution Editor

    Resolution List w Empty Slot

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