Video Scalers, Switchers & Format Converters

Fast switching – anything in, anything out.

Enjoy painless signal management whatever your source or display. Digital, broadcast or analog: we’ve got it covered with our wide range of solutions. For the ultimate experience, go above and beyond with switcher/scalers that not only include scaling and format conversion, but also add advanced features including multi-window video, audio management, keying, still stores and logo layers.

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Simple Switchers

High performance products that allow easy selection of which of your sources are switched to your large display or projector.

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Format Converters

Professional signal conversion between analog and digital, AV and broadcast with high end performance as standard.

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Advanced Switchers/Scalers

Go beyond switching and format conversion by adding CORIO scaling, picture-in-picture, still images, logo layers and more!

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Avoid “AV moments” with problem-free switching performance between your sources even when you mix signal types.

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Fast Switches

Enjoy the minimal image loss time possible when you are switching between your various HDMI sources.

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Add visual interest. Some high-end applications demand transitions such as fade through black, dissolves and wipes.

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CORIO Inside

CORIO guarantees performance! With multiple patents and a dedicated, in-house research & development team it continues to evolve and improve to meet your needs.

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Unique Scaling Engine

We are the pioneers and proven leaders in using FPGA (Field Programme Gate Array) technology as a high-performance scaling engine with 4:4:4, 10-bit processing.

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Doing LED Right!

Today’s LED displays vary significantly in size, pixel, density and resolution. To compensate, set the size of your display down to the pixel or millimeter.

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Anything In, Anything Out

Some AV installs demand incredible flexibility – that’s why we provide unrivalled input, output and format capabilities.

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Bridge the AV/Broadcast Divide

Easily integrate AV signals into your broadcast set up or alternatively convert AV to broadcast and back again form proven SDI backbones.

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Legacy AV

In a world of digital sources, analog signals are still in wide use despite predictions of declining use. Our solutions seamlessly integrate these sources into your digital set ups.

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Boost collaboration and quick viewing of the data that matters by displaying more than one source on the screen at once, even overlapping them for added visual effect.

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Add more visual interest by including transparency between your layered windows or use chroma or luma keying to cut out images and graphics with pixel accuracy and 4:4:4 processing power.

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Logo Layers

Brand your facility using logo layers – it’s easy to create your own and upload them for quick display and adds a touch of class to any presentation.

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The Magenta Research VGA to RGB Video Converter converts a VGA separate sync RGBHV video signal into an RGB sync on green video signal.

The VS-223 Scan Converter is designed to convert most HDTV signals, ranging from 480p to 1080p resolution, to interlaced NTSC (or PAL) video outputs.

4x1 4K60 HDMI 2.0 Ultra slim switcher with HDCP 2.2

HDMI to Video Down Converter

4x1 DVI Switcher with HDCP

PC/HDTV Converters are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for signal conversion.

Universal Video Scaler Plus provides high quality up, down and cross conversion between standard video, computer and HDTV signals.

4x1 HDMI Video Switcher that supports HDMI with HDCP.

HDMI Test Generator

PC/HDTV Converters are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for signal conversion.

Scan Converter w/ Genlock is a high performance down converter supporting a wide range of high resolution sources to an equally wide range of output types.

8x2 HD-SDI Switcher or 7x expansion ports for C2 Series

Stereo audio power amplifier that provides 10 watts RMS per channel into a 4 ohm load when signals from a pre-amplified source are provided as inputs.

Scan Converter w/ SDI provides high quality conversion from DVI, analog PC or HD sources to standard video formats. Genlock and HD/SD-SDI are supported.

DVI to HDMI converter for compliant format signals enabling display on digital HDMI monitors or input to HDMI switcher devices.