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HDMI Scaler with flexible audio embedding and de-embedding with audio delay compensation.

Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: 1T-VS-626

The 1T-VS-626 has been scheduled for End of Life.  If you require a 1T-VS-626 for your project, please contact your sales representative.

1T-VS-626 HDMI Scaler can accept audio embedded in the incoming HDMI signal or from the separate Toslink or analog Stereo inputs. The HDMI output can be the same resolution or scaled to a different resolution. Output audio is simultaneously present, embedded in the HDMI signal and separately as Toslink and analog Stereo. This provides maximum flexibility for system integration. The unit is ideal for situations where the HDMI source resolution and/or frame rate is incompatible with the display device’s resolution/frame rate. A comprehensive OSD menu and front panel buttons allow selection of output resolution, adjustment of picture quality and audio source selection. It’s also possible to add up to 150ms of audio delay to compensate for lip sync errors.

Advanced features, such as 3D Motion Adaptive De- Interlacing and 50/60 Frame Rate Conversion combine to provide extremely high quality signal conversion. The unit is HDCP Compliant. A small inline power adapter is provided with locking DC connector for security.

Key Features of the 1T-VS-626

· HDMI v1.1, HDCP 1.1 Compliant
· Maximum I/O Resolutions WUXGA and 1080p
· Accepts 480i or 576i SDTV input
· Automatically Detects Input Resolution
· 50/60Hz Frame Rate Conversion
· 3-D Motion Adaptive De-interlace
· 3:2 and 2:2 Pull-Down
· Video Level Adjustments
· Supports embedded and external audio in and out
· Up to 150ms Audio Delay
· Locking DC Power Adapter

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