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Racking & Power

Boost performance & increase reliability

Maximize system reliability, speed up installs and lengthen product life cycles. Universal or dedicated tvONE solutions: we have got it covered with a wide range of elegant and robust racking, power and cooling solutions including the revolutionary ONErack platforms. Our unique solutions are designed from the drawing board to be at the very heart of all your installations as well as adding elegant finishing touches.

1RK ONErack


Rack it, Power it and Cool it with ONErack – a universal, modular rack mount system that vastly improves installation of small, DC powered devices.

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ONErack Spider

Optimize any installation while also providing reliable power to support a mix of 7 different voltage options; 5v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 13.5v, 18v, and 24v.

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Rackmountable Power

Universal, rack mount Power supplies in single or dual DC voltages to provide reliable, high density power.

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Racking Accessories

Custom designed rack mounting accessories for tvONE video processors and Magenta KVM and extension solutions.

  • Extensive Range
  • Flexible Features
  • Dependable Power
  • ONErack Alliance

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Universal High-Density Mounting

Take the management of small devices to a whole new level in terms of system design time, space saving, power management and equipment cooling.

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tvONE High-Density Mounting

Save space and manage power more easily by using our rack mountable cages for mounting our high-end signal transmission end points.

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Shelf Mount

Expand the rack mounting options of your half-rack tvONE gear. Tidy up your rack and protect your investment.

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Surface Mount

In-room installs without racks demand alternative solutions such as wall, under-desk and surface mounting options.

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In Rack

Remove Velcro and cable ties forever by introducing elegant and easy-service rack mounting kits.

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On Rack

When space is tight and there is no other alternative, deploy our soft mount system.

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Enjoy accurate, “as built” designs. Build cleaner, more functional racks much faster and professionally than ever before.

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High density, modular racking for all your small AV devices on your bench - rather than in the back of a rack.

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Eliminate wall warts. Mix different voltage requirements with professional dual-redundant power for reliable power.

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Remove heat to boost reliability and vastly increase your product life.

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Choose to protect your installation with a clear Plexiglass or solid metal cover.

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Easy fault finding, reduced service time, easy swap out. Reduce service overhead for more competitive managed services.

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Enjoy the ultimate flexibility that our mission-critical multi-voltage power solutions bring to any installation.

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Single Voltage

Eliminate wall warts by design and introduce highly reliable DC power supplies into your rack with our small, half-rack form factor, solutions which support up to 12 connections.

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Hot Swap

Never go off-air again! Maintain your mission critical operations with by including our hot swap power supplies in your designs.

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Increased Confidence

Cut the cord, leaving your wall-wart behind for tidier racks with peace of mind.

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Wide Membership

The ONErack alliance launched with 15 members, and we continue to add new companies.

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Warranty Protection

Alliance members have formally agreed that ONErack will not void their product warranty.

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5RU ONErack Blank Cover

Redundant Power Supply Unit - Factory or Tech Center Fitting Only for C2-8000


Redundant PSU for 4RU Series Units - User Installable

SKU: 2211008-01

Soft Mount Kit for Transmitters or Receivers, Dual Lock

6RU ONErack Blank Cover
SKU: RM-110

Rackmount support kit for TV One 19" full rack products.


5RU ONErack Plexi Cover

SKU: 2211053-01

Rigid Mount Bracket for MultiView Transmitters, Black

SKU: 2211100-01

HD-One DX/DX500 Rack Mount Kit; Hold up to 4 units in 1RU - use with; 2211079-03 and 2211114-02

SKU: 2211101-01

HD-One LX/LX500 Rack Mount Kit; Hold up to 4 units in 1RU - use with; 2211078-02 and 2211113-02


6RU ONErack Plexi Cover

SKU: 2211054-01

Rigid Mount Bracket for MultiView II DVI or AK series Receivers, Black

SKU: 2211055-01

Blanking panel for MultiView Transmitter Rack Mount Kit


5RU ONErack Fan Cover

SKU: 400R3103-01

Rack Mount Kit for a single Multiview 9-D,  1U