VG-Modular Transmitters

Voyager Modular Transmitters

VOYAGER modular fiber optic transmitters provide tremendous flexibility for overall system design. Point-to-point or as elements of a VG Matrix system. Magenta Research

Manufacturer: Magenta
SKU: Voyager Modular Transmitters

Available in two-port (VG-TX2-MM-HDMI) and four-port (VG-TX4-MM-HDMI) functionalities, this Voyager HDMI/DVI transmitter accepts HDMI or DVI video through an HDMI input and can send 1920x1200 uncompressed video and HDMI-embedded audio signals up to 6,600 feet over multimode fiber.

One multimode fiber-optic module is included with the unit. Additional modules can be ordered to cascade to a second Voyager transmitter or to distribute signals to multiple Voyager receivers.

Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting longer distances (4KM and 30KM) are available from tvONE.

 Key Features of the VG-Modular Transmitters

· Two (VG-TX2) or four (VG-TX4) duplex fiber output ports
· Uncompressed multi-format video at 1920x1200
· Distance range of up to 18.75MI/30KM determined by receiver
· Single mode or multimode fiber support
· Advanced EDID management and HDCP compliance
· Local video output (HDMI)
· Unit ships with one (1) multimode fiber optic SFP module

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