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Multiview II STx-A

Low cost analog video transmitter with Audio for MultiView video distribution applications

Manufacturer: Magenta
SKU: 2620001-02

The 2620001-02 has been scheduled for End of Life.  An alternative item for this product is 2620002-03. If you require a 2620001-02 your project, please contact your sales representative.

Still the most cost-effective transmitter entry in the MultiView Series, the totally revamped MultiView II STx transmitter still handles high-resolution video and audio on a single UTP cable, but now boasts a variety of new modes of operation for handling DDC and sync—all of which make replicating 1080p resolution video easier than ever before.

Fully compatible with all products in the MultiView –A (video and audio) range, the MultiView II STx is capable of delivering 1920x1200 resolution video to distances of 1,200 feet when paired with an appropriate MultiView receiver.

DDC choices include a Magenta Magic profile (which supports the most popular VESA resolution standards in both widescreen and standard formats) and the ability to copy and store DDC information from a specific device. Sync modes include Magenta’s innovative new RepliSync-II technology, which is capable of encoding and decoding very narrow sync pulses that some of today’s high resolution devices require.

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