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Morph-It Dual-TX-A/-S w/o local out, 400R3381-01

Morph-It Dual MultiView transmitter Cards support two analog sources and two MultiView Cat 5 outputs with Serial transmit or Audio capability. Occupies only one Morph-It slot.

Manufacturer: Magenta
SKU: 400R3381-01

Ideal for installations containing a large number of local sources, Morph-It Dual MultiView Transmitter Cards are utilized in conjunction with the 4U Morph-It chassis to provide a modular, densely packed transmitter solution without the clutter of multiple boxes, power supplies and redundant cabling. Each transmitter card packs the equivalent of two transmitters and can deliver 16 or 32 transmitters per 16-slot, 4U Morph-It Chassis, all powered by a single backplane and power cord.

Morph-It Dual Transmitter Cards are available in all functionality types and can be paired with every component in the MultiView building block system, including receivers, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers. When used with the appropriate receivers, Morph-It Dual-TX Transmitter Cards deliver the world’s longest UTP extension capability at the highest resolution i.e. 1920x1200 at 2000ft/609m.

Morph-It Dual EQ cards, especially useful in a matrix switch environment, can effectively zero out (null) UTP cable input lengths to a switch, ensuring that MultiView receiver adjustments remain accurate, while also allowing (in some instances) for the use of shorter-range MultiView receivers.

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