Distribution Amplifiers

Robust, reliable, splitters & distribution amplifiers

Step up to a leading range of distribution solutions. Take a single input signal and feed it to multiple locations while still maintaining guaranteed signal quality. Choose from our range of solutions for every need and every budget. From entry level splitters, distribution amplifiers to advanced distribution systems, tvONE provides easy integration of the most popular inputs and outputs, together with solutions that can expand up to thousands of end points.

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Video Splitters

Connect and share in seconds with our compact solutions for your most demanding signal types.

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Distribution Amplifiers

Demand ultra slim distribution that can be installed in the smallest spaces.

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Large Distribution Systems

Mission critical applications require flexible distribution with switching with long-distance extension.

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Digital AV

We’ve got you covered for all signal types including HDMI 2.0 for advanced features.

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Analog AV

Many legacy signal types are still installed including VGA, Composit Video and S-Video.

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Extension Distribution Systems

Sometimes it’s not enough to distribute a signal – you also need to extend as well.

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Experience the ultimate life-like deep color rendition.

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Add more shadow and highlight detail for more pleasing video.

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HDMI 2.0

The new standard where you need 4K/60 video and life-like color.

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HDCP 2.2

Guaranteed secure connectivity between source and display.

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Now it’s possible to mount distribution in smaller spaces.

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Cascade up to hundreds of displays.

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SKU: 1T-DA-552

Provides 2x DVI outputs from a single digital DVI source.

SKU: 1T-DA-564

1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier w/Audio and HDCP provides 4x DVI outputs plus 4x Analog Stereo and 4x S/PDIF Coaxial Audio outputs.

SKU: 1T-DA-682

The 1T-DA-68x Distribution Amplifier series provides a high-performance solution for distributing HDMI signals with video output up to 4K2K@60Hz (YUV444) resolutions and HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging) support, which gives the most life like video experience.

SKU: 1T-VGA-412

1x2 VGA Distribution Amplifier

SKU: 1T-DA-474

RGB-YPbPr Distribution Amplifier Splits the audio and video signal from a single RGB or YPbPr source to four(4) equal outputs.

SKU: 1T-DA-462

A small, efficient 1-in 2-out VGA+ Stereo Audio distribution amplifier.

SKU: 1T-DA-472

Split the audio and video signal from a single RGB or YPbPr source to two equal outputs.

SKU: 1T-DA-654

Provides 4 HDMI outputs from a single HDMI source.

SKU: 1T-DA-652

Provides 2 HDMI outputs from a single HDMI source.

SKU: 1T-DA-554

1x4 DVI Distribution Amplifier w/HDCP provides 4x DVI outputs - compatible with HDMI v1.3.



An ultra compact 1x8 DA for Composite Video with BNC connectors and 100MHz bandwidth.

SKU: 1T-DA-726

3G/HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier provides 6 outputs from a single 3G/HD/SD-SDI source.