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Upgrades available for CM2-547-MK2 and upgraded CM2-547

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Cincinnati, OH - tvONE (www.tvone.com), manufacturers of cutting-edge video processing, signal distribution and media playback solutions, is proud to announce significant advancements for its award-winning CORIOmaster2 video processor. The latest upgrades include 12G-SDI input and output support with new quad 12G-SDI broadcast modules, and an array of new features introduced in an enhanced version of the CORIOgrapher control software.

CORIOmaster2’s new 12G-SDI broadcast modules support cutting-edge broadcast requirements, supporting resolutions up to 3840x2160p. The 12G-SDI input module (CM2-12GSDI-4IN) and output module (CM2-12GSDI-4OUT) are available to order now.

The upgraded CORIOgrapher control software, now at version 4.1, adds 12G-SDI input and output support and provides an enhanced user experience with the introduction of LED Tools. These tools are specifically designed to optimize set-up for complex LED configurations, offering custom grid lines, markers, and labels. This enables users to achieve precise alignment and calibration, ensuring stunning visual performance. Moreover, tvONE is delighted to introduce easy 8K source management using Source Link, allowing users to harness the power of quad 4K workflows for delivering impressive 8K video content.

With the latest version of CORIOgrapher, CORIOmaster2 users will also benefit from the addition of fade to black and dissolve transitions. These transitions provide a seamless and visually appealing experience when switching between video sources, enhancing the visual aspects of your presentation. Furthermore, tvONE has expanded the selection of test patterns and grids, providing users with a wide range of options for projector and LED set-up. These versatile tools enable precise alignment and configuration, ensuring optimal visual display and accuracy.

New CORIOmaster2 units are now shipping with a more powerful control module to enable CORIOgrapher 4.1 and its extensive new features. Existing CORIOmaster2 users can easily upgrade with the addition of a new, faster control module (CM2-547-MK2-CPU-HTTPS).

To download the new CORIOmaster2 firmware, visit: https://tvone.com/tech-support/firmware.

To download the new CORIOgrapher software, visit: https://tvone.com/tech-support/software.