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coriomaster2 updates

Cincinnati, OH - tvONE (www.tvone.com), manufacturers of cutting-edge video processing, signal distribution and media playback, announces today that its award-winning CORIOmaster2 (CM2-547) video processor continues to evolve with new feature enhancements.

The latest feature introduced to CORIOmaster2 is keying capabilities, enabling designers to layer full motion sources or images, adding vast opportunities to be more visually attractive whilst displaying graphics and information.

Any CORIOmaster2 output can have luma keying applied in real-time to accurately defined values. Combined with a selectable softness factor, the original anti-aliased source text and graphics can be blended into the background. With this powerful feature, real-time data overlays can be added to deliver productivity boosts and assist with enhanced decision making for Healthcare and Industrial set ups and add attention grabbing graphical elements for Corporate or Live Event applications.

tvONE is also releasing the latest version of its user-friendly video wall design software, CORIOgrapher v3.5, which is compatible with all CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster2 and CORIOview products. This latest version of software fully supports the new keying features for CORIOmaster2, as well as maintenance features for the CORIOmaster family and CORIOview.

To download the new CORIOmaster2 firmware, visit https://tvone.com/tech-support/firmware

To download the new CORIOgrapher software, visit https://tvone.com/tech-support/software