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CORIOmaster group front view(tvone.com), a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video and multimedia processing equipment, will showcase a series of major new enhancements to their powerful CORIO®master series of video wall processors at InfoComm 2019 (Booth #1632) to help end users stand out from the crowd.  The enhancements include a quad output HDMI module, embedded audio support, a dedicated audio input/output module together with low latency IP stream management, and a new multi-user HTTPS SSL security interface. 

The CORIOmaster family, which includes the 4RU C3-540 CORIOmaster, the 1RU C3-510 CORIOmaster miniand the ½ RU C3-503 CORIOmaster micro, are modular 4K video processors with high quality CORIO® scaling. Mixed input resolutions, pixel perfect window placement, source and screen orientations, bezel adjustment, edge-blending, and customizable output resolutions all contribute to CORIOmaster being the most flexible video wall processor platform available. This allows designers to achieve the most striking visual effects possible.

With CORIOmaster you can now go large with your video wall using a new HDMI 4-port output module (CM-HDMI-SC-4OUT) with the option for up to 56 outputs from a single 4RU chassis – perfect for eye catching video experiences in public venues, making massive video walls, projector edge blends, and LED installations easy and smooth. 

For added impact, you can also now have digital audio direct from your source to a CORIOmaster powered video wallwith our integrated audio de-embed/re-embed capability to simplify your installs, integration, and system complexity. What’s more, if you need to break out audio, simply add our new audio module (CM-AUD-2IN-4OUT) for both digital and analog connectivity to and from your external audio reinforcement systems.

The IP streaming media and 4K playback module (CM-AVIP-IN-1USB-1ETH) has received a major upgrade, now accepting both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) for higher quality together with significantly increased bandwidth performance and a new low latency mode when used with the Magenta Encoder-100 (Encoder-100).

CORIOgrapher enhancements include a secure communication suite with full REST API and multi-user control protecting your installation from outside interference in these security‑conscious times.While also providing multi-user controland event feedback whichare essential for collaborative andsecurity consciousinstallations where you need to – pro-actively monitor signal or system glitches for critical signal path management in mission critical environments.