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Trends show that video wall requirements are shunning square (e.g. 2x2 or 3x3) configurations and moving towards extra-wide formats instead. This allows you to impress your audience with a more useful, impactful, and memorable visual experience for corporate experience centers and boardrooms, government control rooms and higher education installations. In these environments, you can access more visual real estate without having to raise the height of your ceiling! For example, we have all seen TV broadcasters use this wall format to bring their stories to life. In this blog, we will highlight several key technical challenges you must consider before designing your extra-wide video wall.

Control Room professionals strive to continually enhance their decision-making processes by collecting, distributing, and visualizing the ever-increasing amounts of available data without any visual latency. In turn, this provides complete 360°situational awareness, helping operators and their stakeholders make optimal assessments of the situation. A KVM system is undoubtedly the heart of many control rooms and operation centers in government, health care and industrial applications, and it is essential that it offers the lowest latency performance possible.

Questions you should ask when choosing your next Video Processor Video processors are used in a wide range of healthcare environments including operating rooms, diagnostic areas, and teaching facilities. As a result, the equipment must always function perfectly, as any downtime or other technical issues will have a real-time impact on human life. With that being said, it is important that you ask the right questions when you are choosing your next healthcare video processing solution. That is why we have put together this handy seven-point guide:

The “Zoom Generation” increasingly demands collaborative, multi-window environments as standard. When individuals do venture to their workplace, every minute they spend together needs to focus on seamless information sharing. This requirement will undoubtedly extend to KVM systems in the heart of many control rooms and operation centers in government, healthcare and industrial applications to allow operators to make the right decisions quickly. 

Control room professionals demand seamless USB performance when accessing mission critical systems via a KVM solution in government, health care and industrial applications. To help you make the right choices when selecting your next mission critical, KVM over IP system we have created this handy five-point guide.

  Healthcare professionals demand instant access to their monitoring, diagnostic and data access systems to enhance the well-being of their patients. KVM switches can vastly improve your efficiency, keep your PC’s safe and secure while de-cluttering workstation desks – all great benefits unless you choose a KVM that doesn’t support the features that today’s users demand in medical applications.