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 © NEP Finland / Viaplay Helsinki How do you make sure that your TV channel stands out from the crowd in a world where your viewers have an infinite supply of video content available to them 24/7? Making audiences tune in every day not only demands highly engaging, distinct productions, but also eye-catching LED studio backdrops that inform, connect, and engage. To deliver this visual potential, these backdrops need ultra-dependable media servers and video processing solutions to enable flawless performance day in, day out. Also, as production time is highly valuable, your setup needs to be flexible and highly adjustable as your studio evolves over time.

In this blog, we will explore just how easy it is to effectively integrate small, DC powered devices into your stadium & arena installations, including those that are critical to the visitor experience. Many of the efficiencies we will explore could equally be enjoyed in a touring setup as well.

 © TBI Media / GB Olympics Homecoming These days, stadiums and arenas are much more than only a sports venue or performance area where people go to watch something competitive. Spectators will often spend many hours onsite between waiting in line to get in, security, wayfinding, concessions, retail, and the actual event. That is why every part of the experience needs to be immersive, engaging, and memorable. As such, stadiums and arenas must be a complete ecosystem for visual engagement and information systems, ranging from creative video walls, wayfinding displays, point of sale kiosks, and lavish VIP lounges. All these visual spaces must be flexible and able to reskin themselves for a multitude of purposes including game days, corporate events, and concerts as this makes the venue more attractive to clients wishing to use the space, thus generating much needed, year-round revenue.

Post COVID, many higher education institutions are facing a key challenge regarding how to meaningfully create hybrid learning environments that utilize a mix of in-person and virtual learning. In this blog, we will explore how the adoption and deployment of innovative technology can bring a new level of coherence to both the teaching and learning aspects in the classroom, while also having a positive effect on attracting new students including those based in distant geographies.

  Post COVID, many houses of worship are facing challenges regarding how to bring a new level of coherence to your worship events, while also having a positive effect on attracting new parishioners, including those viewing at home. In this blog, we will help House of Worship AV and IT managers (and or) volunteers understand the central requirements of connectivity, managing multiple sources across several displays on multiple walls, and how to offer seamless, yet simple control.

Ask any experienced AV user what gives them the most headaches, and DC power problems will always figure in the top 3! While many other AV pain points have been addressed with technological innovation, DC power has mainly remained static in terms of evolution, with the power adapter and single or dual voltage rack mount power units being your only options until now. The good news is that more sophisticated, yet affordable, DC power solutions are now beginning to emerge for Audio Visual applications. However, with added sophistication comes the risk of choosing a sub-optimal solution, which is why we have written this handy three-point guide.