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tvONE announces a CORIOmaster video wall processing installation inside RTL Live Entertainment’s Studio 21 to elevate the virtual decor of Europe’s most modern and complete studios, with its advanced sound system, modern light coating, laser technology, and a rain shower and fountains. 

RTL Live Entertainment approached System Integrator Hulskamp Audiovisueel for the application of a multi-display drive, including possibility to switch between content and resources. Arjen Pels, AV Technician at Hulskamp, was asked to install an affordable but complete system: "The tvONE CORIOmaster offers many possibilities and flexibility to build different layouts with different sources. Above all, it provides the control needed for major events; no mistakes are allowed, and we need to keep the quality at a high level.”

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 In Studio 21, Hulskamp installed 7 projectors and 6 LED screens, all driven by CORIOmaster (all images are aligned). For example, if there are 2 HD sources that provide 3 blurred projectors for display on the 21 meter electric mesh screen of the main stage, the CORIOmaster adds these 2 HD sources and drives these projectors," said Pels.

The CORIOmaster is now the driving wheel behind the projection system at Studio 21. In a showroom everything must be done on-the-fly; there is no time to reload. Programming is incredibly important to the technical staff. With a large number of presets, the CORIOmaster can respond well to the dynamics of a show environment.

CORIOmaster provides minimum delay and support of any video format. Combined with Studio 21’s AV projection control software WATCHOUT, the CORIOmaster resulted in delay of just 1 to 2 frames. WATCHOUT enters the CORIOmaster via 5 HD sources and it's controlled by CORIO® setup via 8 outputs. This ability to multiple outputs is a big advantage. CORIOmaster is compatible with all types video format; Studio 21 uses both DVI and HD-SDI.

Studio 21 offers a total of 50 meters of screen projection on the life-sized LED wall. With a huge electric mesh screen, projected images can be combined with people on stage or with decors, this creates an impressive 3D effect. The CORIOmaster fits well with the modern character of Studio 21. For example, Studio 21 has a system that completely synchronizes with time code, in addition to the virtual 3D decor, so that every show automation stays the same. Sound, light, video and laser get the same time code on which shows can be programmed.