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Robina, Queensland, Australia – Australian training organization TAFE has launched a state-of-the-art new campus in the Gold Coast city of Robina, offering learners AV-rich facilities and projections driven by a tvONE CORIOmaster® mini video processor.

Australian integrator Videopro was approached to specify a sustainable, smart and ‘progressive’ audio and video package. Their team had successfully used the CORIOmaster mini on previous projects where multiple projectors and screens required specific image formats and edge blending, and knew it would be a fitting solution at the Robina campus.

At the heart of the projections inside the new building, the team has installed a CORIOmaster mini chassis with five slots, fitted out with a CORIOmaster HDMI 4K-2 Input module three HDCP Compliant, 2-Port Output Module HDBaseT with scaling modules. All the tvONE kit was sourced from tvONE Australia partner, Corsair Solutions.

“I went to a Corsair Roadshow hosted in Brisbane early on in the TAFE Project, and they had a CORIOmaster mini set up to demo how simple it was to blend five images together,” says Brad Hill, Account Executive at Videopro. “This is why we chose to put forward the CORIOmaster solution for TAFE Atrium concept, as we needed to blend five projectors giving a canvas for large background content. We are using the overlay of the windows on the canvas to adjust for real world alignment of the projectors and using the edge blending feature in CORIOgrapher to do the blend graduation between the projectors.
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“The building’s lobby features large pillars with light rings which cast significant shadows on the ceiling and the CORIOmaster mini allowed Videopro to navigate the shadows by reducing them from the image and creating a more seamless projection. Our lead tech, James Simpson, has great experience with the CORIOmaster mini’s capabilities, including working on eliminating shadows.”

The CORIOmaster mini is driving five 13,000 lumen Panasonic PTMZ13KLB projectors, which are mounted in Ultralift housing mounted to the floor, shooting content up to a NewMat ceiling. The TAFE IT department is using the setup to demonstrate student art and graphic creation content.

“We really tried to keep the visuals equipment installation as simple to use and operate as possible,” adds Hill. “Without the CORIOmaster mini, we potentially would have had to go back to the drawing board and look at alternative concepts.”
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Simon Harrington from Corsair Solutions comments: “Working with Videopro on this project was a real pleasure. They have an excellent reputation when it comes to the design and implementation of high profile, groundbreaking installations and this project shows why. The power of the CORIOmaster mini meant it could eat the brief for breakfast, with plenty of spare grunt to overcome some architectural challenges along the way. It’s so satisfying to be able to supply a product that fits the bill so completely, enabling Videopro to deliver such a stunning result for their customer.”

TAFE’s Robina campus now offers a range of courses, including those related to hospitality, sport and events. 
Read the full case study on Videopro's website here.
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