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frank brady twitterOsnabrück, Germany – German video conferencing expert GreenIT24 has created an inspired unified communications solution for companies using MS Teams and Zoom rooms, with a tvONE CORIOview multi-window processor at its core.

The Osnabrück-based company, which specializes in video comms and IT for organizations looking to optimize internal communications, collaborated with German AV technologist and supplier Exertis Pro AV to create a system that would aid remote, multi-site video meetings between team members.
“Due to COVID, we have had an increasing demand for this type of solution, in terms of implementing hybrid classrooms and workspaces with different sorts of content sources and multiple cameras,” explains GreenIT24 Product Manager, Tobias Blaser. “Usually, the client requires two to four input sources with variable resolutions - 1080P or 4K - which need to be displayed in different, flexible layouts. We needed a powerful multi-window processor to form the core of the system, which would enable seamless and easy-to-control set up and operation and the tvONE CORIOview fit the bill.”
GreenIT24 and Exertis Pro AV’s system uses tvONE’s MWP-MTO (Made to Order) version of the CORIOview, which allows the user to select mix and input/output types to cater to specific signal needs. The setup, housed in GreenIT24’s ‘Videocase’ all-in-one unit, consists of the CORIOview along with a Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub (Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows), four 1080P Lumens Box Camera, a Dual-Display Setup, a Bluetooth headset for wireless and flexible comms during the call, custom installed interfaces at the back of the case to connect the cables, and shelf space and cable hooks for easy transportation and cabling.
The first incarnation of the system has been realized for a German company which specializes in constructing machines for packaging. There, they are positioning four HD Lumens cameras around the machine to film each step individually. When more detail is needed, they can switch a specific step to full-screen view using the CORIOview, which the team can view and discuss via a Microsoft Teams Rooms system through CORIOview, even using the CORIOview multi-window processor to display multiple cameras simultaneously using with zero configuration needed through any unified communications solution.
“The CORIOview enables the end user to switch between sources quickly and easily,” Blaser continues. “Multiple sources can be displayed at once or the important details can be viewed in full screen. Switching happens within a second and there is no need to do tedious switching within the conferencing app. You can rely on the solution and focus on what’s in front of the cameras.”
“As we were using Dynamic Mode, the setup is simple, and this mode perfectly fits our application. With the sources connected, the needed layouts were configured pretty fast and labeled easily. Also, the public documentation is very detailed and comprehensive and assists in installing and operating the CORIOview. This also goes for implementing it with external control systems as tvONE provides a very good API for that.”
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About tvONE CORIOview
CORIOview is the fastest, most intuitive 4K multi-window processor with up to 8 sources. This easy to use, plug and play solution features front panel control for preset recall or source selection. With six (6) product variants CORIOview can take in almost any input type and display it on a HDMI display up to 4K. Input types include: IP, HDMI, DVI-U and SDI.