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1T-CT-680 Series HDMI Over Multiple Coax Extenders


1T-CT-680 Series HDMI Over Multiple Coax Extender system consist of the 1T-CT-681 Transmitter and the 1T-CT-682 Receiver which constitutes a system used to transmit deep color (12 bits), V1.3 HDMI or DVI-D signals (with appropriate DVI to HDMI Cable Adapter) at resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p, plus transmission of embedded, lossless audio, over coaxial cables. Using low loss, RG-6 coaxial cables enables the 1T-CT-680 extender system to achieve signal distribution distances of up to 100 meters (325 feet) for 1080p/8 bit signals and 75 meters (245 feet) for 1080p/12 bit signals. Other type coax cables may be used, but may result in a reduction of the maximum distances. For example, existing 5-coax wiring installations that were originally made for Analog Component Video and Stereo Audio are adequate. A minimum of four coax cables is required. One cable is required for each of the video components (R-G-B) and one for a clock signal. A fifth coax cable is necessary if power is to be sent via cable. Power can be transmitted up to 60 meters (180 feet) using RG-6.

Resolutions up to 1920x1200, 1080p/60Hz are supported for HDTV and RGB resolutions for PCs of VGA to WUXGA may be realized. In addition, color space capability of RGB 24~36, Y444 24~36, Y422 16~24 is provided. And finally, both the Transmitter and Receiver units feature the unique TV One-task locking power connectors to enhance overall system mechanical security.