CORIOmaster micro

Category: Video Wall Processors
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: C3-503

Ultra-compact processor for up to four outputs with 1080p environments with some 4K connectivity.

  • HDMI
  • DVI-I
  • Universal DVI (DVI-U)
  • HD-SDI
  • SD-SDI
  • VGA-HD15
  • Composite
  • S-Video
  • Component
  • HDMI
  • HDbaseT
  • DVI-I
  • Universal DVI (DVI-U)
  • 3G-SDI
  • HD-SDI
  • SD-SDI
  • VGA-HD15
  • Composite
  • S-Video
  • Component
Control Options
  • Ethernet
  • RS-232
Status Active

Product Comparison

Warranty 5
Number of Inputs Up to 4
Number of Outputs Up to 4
Rack Units 1 (half rack wide)
Resolution Analog/SD/HD/FHD/4K UHD
IP Streaming Yes (Input)
Audio YES
Format Conversion YES
Scaling CORIO
Number of System Windows 20
Number of 1080p Windows 5
Number of 4K Windows 2

C3-503 CORIOmaster® micro offers a new, more efficient approach to building video wall systems. Using tvONE's latest CORIO®3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic videowall displays. All this is possible in one 1RU, half rack sized chassis.

Multiple windows can be used on a video wall to display the physical inputs into CORIOmaster. Windows can be sized to fit the wall or multiple windows added, resized and rotated 360 degrees on the video wall independent of the output rotation. Each Micro can support up to 2 separate videowalls and projector edge-blends with up to 14 windows depending on the source resolution, frame rate and size of windows.


New! CORIOmaster App

The CORIOmaster App is a free application for smartphones and tablets that extends the control of CORIOmaster video walls onto mobile platforms. Download it here.

New 4K Input & Output Modules

The addition of 4K support consists of two new modules; HDMI 2.0 4K60 input module and the HDMI 1.4 4K30 scaling output module.

New Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module

The Streaming Media & 4K Playback Input Module provides CORIOmaster systems with the ability to bring 2 network streams up to 1080p 60 @ 20mbs in to just 1 slot. As well as playback of 4k UHD or 2x 1080p60 video files. The Streaming Media Input Module also supports still images with full 4K rendering. And with at least 40mbs of total bandwidth you can easily provide high quality content to your video wall and projector edge-blend.

New Transition Effects

CORIOgrapher v2, the control software for the CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro videowall processors now has included simple easy to use window and source transition effects. This new animation feature is controlled by presets in the system. Transition effects occur not only by selecting presets in CORIOgrapher but also by third party control systems.

CORIOmaster Transitions

Building of presets in the system now save one or any combination of the following window transition effects as part of a single preset:

  • Preset Duration- 0 to 60.0 seconds
    • Fade through Black - Source change occurs in black
    • Horizontal Shrink and Expand - Image shrinks horizontally with source change in the middle and then expands back to previous window size
    • Vertical Shrink and Expand - image shrinks vertically with source change in the middle and then expands back to previous window size
    • Spin - Both left and right rotation up to 7 times in either direction with source change in the middle of the duration.
    • Size - Windows can be sized accordingly and saved in the preset
    • Rotation - Windows can be rotated independent of Source Spin in 359º/+359º.
    • Movement - place a window in the desired location on the videowall.

When a preset is recalled the transition parameters will automatically occur and be smoothly applied over the duration set in each preset from the current state of the windows. Presets can be created and selected sequentially for precise control of desired effects. Presets can also be selected randomly with the CORIO firmware automatically calculating the difference from preset to preset.

YouTube Video about CORIOmaster Transitions

CORIO3 video processing technology makes the designing of creative and powerful video display systems an entirely visual experience. Users create Layouts or virtual display groups on a PC screen and then select sources to show on those virtual displays. Then it's a freeform process of creating a Canvas over the display Layout by sizing, shaping, rotating and positioning each source as required.

CORIOgrapher v2 is the powerful software behind the CORIOmaster. Learn more about CORIOgrapher v2 here.

screen capture of CORIOgrapher

DVI Modules

tvONE Universal DVI modules allow for direct connections to most common analog or digital sources and destinations.

Custom DVI-I adapters provide connections for: Composite, S-Video, component, VGA, RGBHV and HDMI (DVI-D connects directly).

A DVI module provides 2 connections per AV Slot.

Universal DVI Input Module

DVI Scaling Output Module, Same as Universal DVI minus the CV and S-video capability.


HDBaseT Module

HDBaseT Scaling Output Module - 2 HDBaseT Outputs w/Ethernet
NEW 4KHDBaseT Input Module - 2 HDBaseT Inputs w/Ethernet


SDI Modules

3G/HD/SD-SDI Input Module - 2 Inputs
HD/SD-SDI Input Module - 4 Inputs
3G/HD/SD-SDI Scaling Output Module - 2 Outputs

The scaling 3G/HD/SD-SDI output module allows any source to be converted to SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI for output.


4K Modules

4K30/60 Input module - 2 inputs
4K30 Scaling Output module - 1 output


Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module

Combine Streaming, File Playback and Still Images for each Video Channel
2 Video channels 4K/30 & HD or Dual HD Media playback
Dual Channel HD streaming over IP
8K Still Image support
USB 3.0 port for file playback
Up to 128GB Internal SSD Storage for content  


Future Modules

 Additional types and formats of modules will be added. 


 Key Features

  • Patented CORIO®3 Videowall processing technology
  • Manage up to 2 videowalls
  • Uses CORIOgrapher v2; simple powerful software interface
  • Live dashboard to switch presets and window sources
  • 4K Input & Output modules
  • Custom Resolution Editor with resolutions auto detected on inputs & selectable on the outputs
  • Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module
  • Create custom output resolutions
  • Auto discover devices on the network
  • Outputs rotated in 1 degree increments
  • Combination of different size and resolution of displays can be used
  • Adjustable bezel compensation
  • Multi-Edge blending of projectors
  • Universal DVI Inputs: (HDMI/DVI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr)
  • DVI-I Outputs: (HDMI/DVI/RGB/YPbPr)
  • 4K HDBaseT Inputs
  • HDBaseT Outputs
  • SDI Inputs and Outputs:SD/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to 1080p60
  • High Resolution Inputs/Outputs: Analog: PC to 1920x1080, HDTV to 1080p/60
  • DVI: PC to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p/60 w/EDID
  • HDMI input & output with HDCP handling
  • Up-Down-Cross Conversion
  • Control: RS-232, IP
  • Command Line Interface - Third party control
  • AMX & Crestron modules available
  • 1RU, Half Rack Frame size
  • Modularity Provides Flexible I/O


  • ONErack mounting module
  • Dual rack mount kit
  • Universal DVI adapters
  • Onsite System Commissioning


 CORIOmaster App

CORIOmaster App



CORIOmaster Flipbook

CORIOmaster Brochure Download (US)

CORIOmaster Brochure Download (EU)


CORIOmaster Application Brochure

CORIOmaster Application Brochure (US)

CORIOmaster Application Brochure (EU)


CORIOmaster micro Application Examples

Education Environment - CORIOmaster micro edge-blending

Control Room Enviroment - Multi-Window Processor on a 4K screen

Corporate Boardroom - Two 4K sources to four 1080p displays

Creative Retail Enviroment - Two 4K sources to four 1080p displays

Live Event Environment - Switch & Scale up to six sources


CORIOmaster Streaming Media 

CORIOmaster Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module (US)

CORIOmaster Streaming Media & 4K Playback Module (EU)


CORIOmaster 4K Specifications

CORIOmaster 4K Tech Specs (US)

CORIOmaster 4K Tech Specs (EU)


CORIOmaster 4K Application Examples 

Four 1080p Input Sources to a Single 4K Display

Single 4K Input Source to Nine 720p Displays

Single 4K Input Source to Four 1080p Displays


User Guides

CORIOmaster Help


Quick Start Guides

CORIOmaster Help



CORIOmaster micro Rack Mounting Kit

CORIOmaster micro Surface Mounting Kit

CORIOmaster micro ONErack Module


CAD Drawings (DXF format)

CORIOmaster micro Chassis Drawing

CORIOmaster Adapter IO Drawing Library

CORIOmaster Module IO Drawing Library

CORIOmaster Module Mechanical Library

CORIOmaster Sample System Drawing


CORIOgrapher Software Download Request

CORIOgrapher Software Download Request


Programming Info



Control Modules

CORIOmaster AMX and Crestron Control® Module Request


Architectural Specifications

CORIOmaster Architectural Specifications


Firmware Updates

CORIOmaster Firmware Updates Page



CORIOdiscover PC Based Application

A separate small CORIOdiscover application can be installed on your computer (included with system purchase or available by download) can be used to auto discover your CORIOmaster or CORIOmaster mini on your network and automatically by selecting the device, open a web browser to the specified address for easy connection and control of the router.

The CORIOdiscover app allows the user to log into a unit to update the firmware, change communications settings and create new custom resolutions that can be used as an input or output resolution. Communication and firmware updates can also be made through CORIOdiscover.


To download CORIOdiscover, Click Here.

 CORIOdiscover w editor

 New Custom Resolution Editor for CORIOmaster & CORIOmatrix 

The new Custom Resolution Editor allows for custom resolutions to be created and uploaded into the unit to be used as either an input or output resolution. New resolutions can be created through the unit's API commands for each output or created by using the updated CORIOdiscover app on initial system installation and then selected by the user for each output and auto detected as an input resolution. 

Resolution Editor

Resolution Editor

Resolution List w Empty Slot