Category: Distribution Amplifiers
Manufacturer: AVToolbox
SKU: AVT-4714

1x4 composite video Distribution Amplifier with Stereo Audio.

Status Active

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Warranty Distribution Amplifiers
Number of Inputs AVToolbox
Number of Windows S-Video, Component, HDMI, VGA-HD15, Composite
Rack Units RS-232
Cable Type End of Life
IP Streaming 1

The AVT-4714 has been scheduled for End of Life. If you require this product for your project, please contact your sales representative.

AVT-4714 Distribution Amplifier provides four identical Composite Video and Stereo Audio outputs from a single Composite Video and Stereo Audio input. The input signal is amplified and distributed via its internal circuitry to insure that all four video and audio outputs are of identical quality to the input signal. A video/audio source, such as a VCR, Camcorder or DVD Player can now be fed to multiple devices, such as TV Sets or VCR's without signal degradation.

1 Composite Video Input via RCA connectors
1 Stereo Audio Inputs via RCA connectors
4 Composite Video Outputs via RCA connectors
4 Stereo Audio Outputs via RCA connectors
Video Bandwidth: >8MHz
Audio Bandwidth: >20HKz
NTSC and PAL compatible
External 115VAC to 15VDC Power Supply Included
One-Year Limited Warranty