The C2-8000 series is tvONE’s ultimate seamless switcher. Capable of functioning with both digital and analog software, these devices can convert SD/HDTV, digital and analog video, aspect ratio, and can perform both upscaling and downscaling.

The 8000 series provides a large number of features that the device comes ready to control. Some of the features of this series include multi-picture in picture, edge blending, genlock, seamless switching, chroma and luma keying.
Acting as 3 scalers in one, using a varying amount of inputs (depending on the model) and 2 separate outputs, the series can broadcast different output resolutions simultaneously.
The C2-8130 features 12 available DVI-U inputs.

Video Inputs
Television Standards NTSC, PAL, PAL-M/N, SECAM
Composite Video Up to 12x via DVI-U
YC (S-Video) Up to 12x via DVI-U
YUV /YPbPr Up to 12x via DVI-U

Computer Inputs
Digital DVI (HDMI & HDCP compatible) Up to 12x via DVI-U
Analog Up to 12x via DVI-U
Analog Format RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
Analog Signals PC to 2048x2048, HD to 1080p60
DVI Signals PC to 1920x1200, HD to 1080p60

Video Outputs
Television Standards NTSC, PAL, PAL-M/N, SECAM
Composite Video 2x via DVI-U
YC (S-Video) 2x via DVI-U
YUV /YPbPr 2x via DVI-U

Computer Outputs
DVI Signals (HDMI & HDCP compatible) 2x via DVI-U
Analog 2x via DVI-U
Analog format RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YPbPr
DVI Signals PC to 1920x1200, HD to 1080p60
Analog Signals PC to 2048x2048, HD to 1080p60

Audio support
De-embed / embed HDMI-I/O via DVI

Control Methods
Front Panel Buttons & LCD
IP Interface

Limited Warranty
5 Years Parts and Labor

Size (H x W x D) 1.73” x 17.0” x 13.1” (44 x 431 x 334mm)
Weight (Net) Approx. 5Kg

 Key Video Features of the C2-8000

· 1RU size
· High quality seamless switching
· Up-Down-Cross Conversion
· DVI-U inputs (HDMI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr): up to 12
· SDI inputs: up to 2 SD/HD/3G-SDI + re-clocked out
· DVI-U outputs: 2 (HDMI/CV/YC/RGB/YPbPr)
· SDI outputs: up to 2 (SD/HD/3G)
· Genlock inputs: 1x Tri/Bi with loop-through
· Analog: PC to 2048x2048, HDTV to 1080p/60
· DVI: PC to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p/60
· Supports: NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM
· HDMI-compatible input & output with HDCP
· Motion Compensation & 3:2 Pull-down
· Diagonal Interpolation
· Noise Reduction for PAL, NTSC and 1080i inputs
· Automatic Incoming Resolution Detection
· AutoSet - Automatic picture sizing of PC inputs
· 4:4:4 Full bandwidth sampling
· Variable Image Zoom to 10X and Shrink to 10%
· Chroma and Luma keying
· Fade, Wipe, Push, Cut transitions
· Video signal parameter adjustments
· Audio de-embed / embed for SDI and DVI
· Closed-caption de-embed / embed for CV / SDI
· Integral Audio Routing
· User-defined Logo insertion
· Still image store
· Borders with variable size and colour
· IP Interface
· RS-232/422/485 interface
· Optional Audio Module with AES break-out and adjustable delay
· Optional Tally Module
· Optional Redundant Power Supplies

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