[Discontinued] 1T-PC1280HD

Manufacturer: AVToolbox
SKU: 1T-PC1280HD

This product has been discontinued. If you need this product for your project, please contact your sales representative.

The PC/HDTV Converters are ultra compact, high performance products designed to meet the most demanding requirements for signal conversion. The input resolution is automatically detected and can either be RGBHV, YPbPr or YCbCr format. In addition to PC to PC and PC to HDTV conversions, the unit can take a 480i Component Video signal, from a DVD Player for example, and convert it to PC or HDTV resolutions. The output resolution and refresh rate is selected via push buttons and OSD Menu. Model 1T-PC1280HD provides conversion to and from a wide variety of PC and HDTV signals, while model 1T-PC1280PC provides conversion to and from PC signals only. The integral processor provides control over many signal parameters, such as: Contrast, Brightness, Color Saturation, R-G-B Levels and H-V Positioning. Both models are 12VDC powered and a small In-Plug Power Adapter is included. For best performance, use high-grade output cables such as our professional Z-Plus type.


Ultra Compact, High Performance Unit
Convert PC-to-PC or PC-to-HDTV
Convert HDTV-to-HDTV or HDTV-to-PC
Convert 480i YCbCr to PC or HDTV
PC Resolutions up to 1280x1024
Most HDTV Resolutions
Locking DC Power Connector for Security


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