Category: Racking Solutions
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: 1T-RM-322-EU

The 1T-RM-322-EU is a simple low cost rack mounting method for the 1T-CL-322-EU control panel. Aimed at rack designers and technical users who need a budget solution for controlling equipment in a 19" rack. Our product is a matt black 2RU plate with button holes and fixing studs that allows the user to mount the 1T-CL-322-EU control panel in a 19" equipment rack, giving them a very low cost but effective control solution. Unlike some of the better known control system manufacturers. Our offering (including the 1T-CL-322) reduces the need for expert installers, programmers and additional control processors.. and ultimately the cost. This is because it is cheap to buy, easy to install and programme and does not rely on additional equipment.

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