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Matrix Routers

Field-proven signal switching

Enjoy seamless matrix switching whatever your source or display. Digital, broadcast or analog: we’ve got it covered with our wide range of solutions. For the ultimate experience go above and beyond with our modular matrix solutions that not only include scaling and format conversion but also the option to seamlessly combine your matrix switching requirements with our class leading Signal Extension solutions.

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Simple Small Matrices

Connect and present in seconds with our compact solutions with fast switching, wide format support and easy control.

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Modular Medium Scaling Matrices

Ultimate 4K modular AV matrices with scaling, format conversion and extension capabilities built in as standard.

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Large Extension Matrices

Benchmark solutions for mission critical installations that require flexible switching with long-distance extension.

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AV installs increasingly demand incredible flexibility – that’s why we provide unrivalled input and output options including digital and analog options.

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Easily integrate AV signals into your broadcast set up or alternatively convert AV to broadcast and back again using our proven SDI backbones.

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Combine the power of steaming digital video with the vast reach of the internet to create new workflows and endless opportunities.

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Format Conversion

Mix and match your content and simplify your installs by making your format, aspect and output resolutions independent.

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Build the system that you need with our modular building block approach to add new ports, new input types and even more flexibility.

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It’s easy to match your content whatever the source or format, using our high quality, low latency scaling engine.

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Save time, eliminate complexity and control headaches with automatic source switching.

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Easily integrate your matrix with signal extension. Our robust, field proven end points guarantee flawless performance.

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Simple LED wall operations using output overlaps, window placement and custom resolution management.

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CORIOmatrix HDBaseT (dual) input module supports extension up to 100m.

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI via BNC input module

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix 4K30 HDMI output module

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix dual HDBaseT Scaling output module

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix dual DVI-I Scaling output module

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix Quad HD/SD-SDI via BNC input module

Matrix Routers
[Discontinued] MX-3141PCA MX-3141PCA

MX-3141PCA 4x1

Matrix Routers
[Discontinued] MX-3141CSVA MX-3141CSVA

4x1 CV or S-Video Switcher with Stereo - RCA Connections

Matrix Routers
[Discontinued] Mondo Matrix 222R-16V16x16 Mondo Matrix 222R-16V16x16

UTP 16x16 matrix routing module for Magenta Multiview Signal Extension Systems. Expandable HD video routing systems to 256 x 512. Supports direct VGA input and UTP input. Magenta Research

Matrix Routers

CORIOmatrix Output Module: 2x DVI-I Connectors 

Matrix Routers