High-performance KVM over IP

The ultimate zero latency, scalable, 4K60 solution. Pathfinder provides a zero latency, 4K KVM extension and switching solution. Extend 4K and HD sources via CAT or Fiber cable to create flexible, wide reaching KVM over IP matrixing solutions. Highly scalable, with up to 3,000+ high-quality endpoints in a single system, it’s the perfect solution for mission critical control and collaboration. Pathfinder offers plug and play set up with no configuration of endpoints required, nor any costly user licensing fees.

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Direct connect point-to-point

Experience an optimized KVM over IP experience with resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 and up to 20Km with fully transparent USB 2.0 connectivity.

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Direct connect dual-head

Our built in DisplayPort MST (Multi-Stream Transport) splitter connects a single DisplayPort source when you need to easily extend your multi-head display set ups.

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Larger systems

Our end points cab be integrated into a large matrix system using a standard network switch. Switching control is easily achieved using an onscreen OSD menu.

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Prevent unauthorised access to your data and ensure data isolation even across the largest systems with local and remote end points.

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Zero Latency

Experience no mouse lag whatsoever in any operating mode – that’s guaranteed.

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No license fees, no hard to manage keys or costly control servers.

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Extended Desktops

Experience the freedom of extended desktops over a single cable with transparent USB 2.0 for touch screen displays and peripherals.

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Select and control several PC’s with just one keyboard and mouse boosting efficiency and ergonomics.

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View and control up to four PC sources a single 4K monitor with zero latency on. You can also mix and match operating systems using transparent USB 2.0.

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Mix & Match

Mix your 1080p and 4K PC’s to free up your workflows in single rooms, across multiple floors or even throughout whole campuses.

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Simple Set-up

Zero system configuration required whatever your system size. Plug and play for up to 3,000+ end points – it’s that easy!

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Easy to Connect

Manage your system from an on-screen display, an intuitive control application or third-party control.

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Category: KVM Over IP

DVI KVM decoder that supports up to 1920x1200 at 1GB.

Category: KVM Over IP

DisplayPort 1.2 KVM decoder that supports up to 4096x2160 at 10GB.

Category: KVM Over IP

RJ45 1G SFP for MG-KVM-53x series (30m)

Category: KVM Over IP

Singlemode fiber SFP for MG-KVM-53x series (20km)

Category: KVM Over IP

Multimode fiber SFP for MG-KVM-53x series

Category: KVM Over IP

RJ45 10G SFP for MG-KVM-83x series (30m)

Category: KVM Over IP

Multimode fiber SFP for MG-KVM-83x series

Category: KVM Over IP

Singlemode fiber SFP for MG-KVM-83x series (10km)