[Discontinued] 1T-DA-652

Category: Distribution Amplifiers
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: 1T-DA-652

1x2 HDMI 1.3 splitter.

Status Discontinued

Product Comparison

Warranty Distribution Amplifiers
Number of Inputs tvONE
Number of Windows HDMI
Cable Type Discontinued
IP Streaming 1


The 1T-DA-652 HDMI Distribution Amplifier has been discontinued. If you require a 1T-DA-652 for an upcoming project, please contact your tvONE sales representative.

1T-DA-652 HDMI Distribution Amplifier provides 2 outputs from a single HDMI input for distribution to devices capable of receiving and/or displaying HDMI signals. The 1T-DA-652 is compatible with HDMI v1.3 specifications and provides a cutting-age technology that supports Deep Color (10-bit and12-bit) video plus new, lossless Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio digital audio. In addition, it exhibits high bandwidth (up to 225MHz - 2.25Gbps) and provides signal amplification and equalization for high performance processing of audio and video allowing the signals to travel great distances without quality loss. Outputs can be cascaded for greater versatility. The 1T-DA-652 can support DVI signals when used in conjunction with DVI to HDMI cable adapters. Using the adapters, PC and HDTV resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 480i through 1080p can be accommodated. Installation is fast and simple: connect input and output cables plus power and the unit is fully functional without any further action required.

For more information about HDMI and HDCP please visit www.hdmi.org