[Discontinued] 1T-DA-474

Category: Distribution Amplifiers
Manufacturer: tvONE
SKU: 1T-DA-474

1x4 RGB-YPbPr Distribution Amplifier.

  • VGA-HD15
  • Stereo RCA
  • VGA-HD15
  • Stereo RCA
Status Discontinued

Product Comparison

Warranty 1
The 1T-DA-474 has been discontinued. The alternative product solution is the 1T-VGA-414 If you require a 1T-DA-474 for your project, please contact your tvONE sales representative.
1T-DA-472 and 1T-DA-474 RGB/YPbPr and Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifiers provide two or four outputs respectively for use in any situation requiring multiple Video and Stereo Audio outputs from a single PC or other RGB or YPbPr video source. Video bandwidth in excess of 500MHz handles computer resolutions up to 2560x1600 at distances up to 300 feet from the source without signal deterioration. Both models provide VESA industry standard DDC (Data Display Channel) bi-directional communications for host control of the downstream monitors. Video Input/Output connectors are HD-15 type and 3.5mm Mini-Stereo type for audio.

Both models are housed in small rugged metal cases. They are 5VDC powered and a Power Adapter is included. The DC power connector is a locking type for security. For best performance at long distances, premium grade cables are recommended. Optional single or dual rackmount kits are available.