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SKU: 1T-AP-299

The 1T-AP-299 Dolby® Digital to Analog Audio Converter provides conversion capabilities between Optical, Coaxial and L/R Analog audio signals with the ability to convert digital signals into analog and analog signals into digital formats while also allowing simultaneous conversion of audio formats.

This easy to use, compact, plug and play signal converter for either digital into analog or analog into digital uses Dolby® Digital decoding sampling frequencies between 32 and 96 KHz, allowing for optimal conversion rates for most recordings.

Signal Input

Optical Audio 1x Optical Connector
Coaxial Audio 1x Coaxial Audio Connector
L/R Analog Audio 2x RCA (L/R) Connectors

Signal Outputs
Optical Audio 1x Optical Connector
Coaxial Audio 1x Coaxial Audio Connector
L/R Analog Audio 2x RCA (L/R) Connectors

Digital Sample Rate 32kHz to 96kHz 
Coaxial, Optical Formats LPCM 2.0, Dolby® Digital
L/R Audio Format Stereo Analog Audio
Analog Impedance 47KΩ Input, 600Ω Output
Audio Bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 KHz
Digital Output Level 0dBFS
Analog Output Level 1.8Vrms +/-0.1V

SNR/X-Talk Digital Input
Digital Output SNR > 144dB w/Digital Input
Analog Output SNR > 109dB w/Digital Input
Digital Output Crosstalk < -161dB w/Digital Input
Analog Output Crosstalk < -100dB w/Digital Input

SNR/X-Talk Analog Input
Digital Output SNR > 96dB w/Analog Input
Analog Output SNR > 95dB w/Analog Input
Digital Output Crosstalk < -113dB w/Analog Input
Analog Output Crosstalk < -100dB w/Analog Input

Size (H-W-D) 35x97x85mm (1.3”x3.8”x3.4")
Weight (Net) 120g (4.23 oz.)

Limited Warranty 1 Years Parts and Labor

Operating Temperature 0° to +40° C (+32° to +104° F)
Operating Humidity 20% to 90%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -20° to +60° C (+4° to +140° F)
Storage Humidity 20% to 90%, Non-condensing

Power Requirement
External Power Supply 5VDC@1A

Regulatory Approvals
Audio Extractor FCC, CE, RoHS
Power Adapter UL, CUL, CE, PSE, GS, RoHS

Accessories Included
1x Power Adapter US, UK or Euro
1x Operations Manual

Product Item Number
1T-AP-299 Dolby® D-A Audio Converter

Key Features of the 1T-AP-299

•        Dolby® Digital Decoder
•        Digital Interpolator Filter
•        Sampling Frequencies 32 to 96KHz

•        Analog, Optical & Coaxial I/O



1T-AP-299 Manual


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