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LM-1042R Rackmount Multimedia LCD Monitors


LM-1042R Rackmount LCD Monitors

LM-1042R is a high performance Dual 10.4" Color LCD Multimedia Monitor in a rackmount housing, occupying only 5 RU of vertical space. The high Active Matrix Display features wide viewing angles, an excellent contrast ratio and high brightness. NTSC and PAL TV Standards are automatically detected. Each display has a looping Composite Video input on BNC connectors and a Computer input via HD15 that handles PC resolutions up to SVGA. A Universal AC Adapter is provided and is fitted with a Locking DC Plug for security of connection. For convenience, the Power Adapter can mount on the rear of the monitor housing with the bracket provided.

The optional LM-1042-EXP1 Input Expansion Module greatly extends the range of the computer input. It accepts PC resolutions up to SXGA, including WXGA, and all HDTV resolutions. The module can be used with either display. Up to two modules can be added, one for each display. The input resolution is automatically detected and can either be RGBHV, YPbPr or YCbCr format. In addition to PC and HDTV signals, the module can take interlaced Component Video. It has its own integral video processor to provide additional control over many signal parameters, such as R-G-B Levels and H-V Positioning. The module's output is connected to the monitor's PC input via an HD-15 cable. It is 12VDC powered and a small In-Plug Power Adapter is included.