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June 25, 2010  


TV One assists Proptaprompt's scan conversion requirements with the CS-320 Down Converter

Erlanger, KY , June 25, 2010—Portaprompt developed the world's first ever digital prompter in the UK and for over 30 years has provided the Broadcast Industry with premium-quality prompting services across the globe. Using TV One's CS-320 Down Converter (Scan Converter) as part of their package, Portaprompt offer their clients the ultimate in discreet and cost-effective teleprompting and autocue facilities.

Beside the Carl Zeiss "Universarium IX" Star Projector, the Hamburg Planetarium owns an ultra modern, server-based, interactive and real-time, 3D simulation system called Digistar4. Based on a modular PC cluster array, developed by Evans & Sutherland, it is an integrated system of dom rendering video playback of real-time astronomy data and digital surround audio. The Digistar4 System redelivers video content on 8 synchronized hi-definition DVI Outputs each with a resolution of 2048x1080p that are projected on to the ceiling giving a totally immersive experience for visitors from all around the world.

Using the CS-320 Down Converter, the script from a PC can be converted into a video signal and displayed on many of Portaprompt's display units, such as their state of the art range of on camera prompters to provide the presenter with the clearest image possible. The compact CS-320 is so versatile it is also integrated directly into the Portaprompt Laptop Management Unit which has been designed for ease of use within the prompting environment whether on location or in a studio. This Laptop Management Unit combines the necessary equipment to make prompting and autocue possible, such as the CS-320 Down Converter, a four-way video distribution amplifier with BNC connectors and just one mains connector that can supply the power to all of the enclosed products. This lightweight unit is simple to install and easy to use, making it the perfect partner in a broadcast environment.

The CS-320 is fully RoHS Compliant (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances) ensuring that the technology is housed in the best possible quality for the environment. TV One's proprietary CORIO™ technology is the backbone behind the CS-320 Down Converter and it is this that provides the superior quality in PC to video conversion. Jim Keating, Director of Portaprompt explains, "The script scrolls very nicely using this TV One unit and it also a reasonable price. We have tried alternative equipment and the scrolling effect isn't any where near as good as TV One's."

TV One is a leading manufacturer of Video Processing Equipment and their CORIO™ technology has steadily advanced since its inception in 1994. The continuity, experience and expertise behind the research and development team in the UK has established CORIO™ as the leading video scaling technology available on today's market.

To learn about Portaprompt and TV One you can visit their websites at and

For additional information contact Tony McAhren at TV One, 859-282-7303,, 2791 Circleport Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018.

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