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February 28, 2007  

Clearing the Way, Saving Lives

Erlanger, KY , February 28, 2007—For our soldiers in Iraq, remotely operated explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots have made scouting for road-side bombs much safer. However the challenge soon became effective controls. Reaction times for operators working with traditional direct-view displays and joystick controllers were simply too slow. Searching for hidden secondary improvised explosive devices (IED’s) takes too long. Many secondary IED's are not being found until they kill or injure an EOD tech.

Initially developed for DARPA, Chatten Associates' head-aimed remote viewer (HARV) brought unmatched tele-operations effectiveness to remotely operated vehicles. By providing a compelling level of telepresence, HARV created a several-fold increase in situational awareness and decision speed. Its head-aimed vision process harnesses the natural visual processing capability of the human mind at an unconscious level. The result is a 300% to 400% increase in mission performance and tele-robotic productivity.

With HARV, wherever the soldier looks the sensor gimbal-mounted on the vehicle looks. The system is similar to the pilot vision system in the Apache helicopter, but is lighter and cheaper. The Army EOD Technology Directorate is now funding Chatten Associates to ruggedize their HARV system and get it out in the field as soon as possible.

Key to keeping the system portable and rugged is the operator interface controller which is the “black box” shown in the photo. Video from the robot is an analog NTSC video that must be converted into a digital SVGA signal for the helmet-mounted display. Chatten Associates needed high performance, small size, and low latency, which they found in the 1T-V1280HD from TV One.

John Chatten, CEO of Chatten Associates, places great importance on high-quality video. After all, during the 1950's he was a member of the National Television Standards Committee that wrote the NTSC specification for commercial color television. John said, "TV One gives us better quality in a smaller package than any other vendor we looked at. It's great."

Advanced Imaging magazine just named Chatten Associates’ HARV one of the ten most important "Advanced Imaging Solutions of the Year". EOD techs agree. For explosive ordnance disposal missions, soldiers wearing the system feel just like they are "sitting" on the vehicle. The difference is that if the bomb goes off, they don't get hurt or killed. And when a robot gets destroyed, nobody has to write a letter home to its mom.

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