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Application Stories

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CBS46 Atlanta Creates New News Set Using a tvONE CORIOmaster mini for Videowall

KSL TV - tvONE's Videowall Solution for ON AIR Broadcast Displays

High Tech Upgrade Journey Results in Impressive Facility

Lime Instruments Prepare for the Toughest Oil Environments with TV One's C2-6104A

Scharff Weisberg and TV One Team up for Theatrical Success

Apple Producoes - Unique Art On Top Of Art

Cityscape 2010 - TV One Edge Blenders aid glimpse into future

Portaprompt uses TV One's CS-320 for their autocue solution

TV One's Switcher/Scaler provides Seamless Solution for HD Simulation at Hamburg Planetarium

InterfaceFLOR chooses TV One for their Presentation Facility Needs

The New Yankee Stadium

Green Day - American Idiot on Broadway

TV One & Dr. Oz Show Combine For Big Screen Rx

TVOne Products used at a software development company

TVOne Products used at Warwick University Digital Labratories

Fellowship Bible Church uses TVOne products to help renovate

Northridge Church uses TVOne products in their multimedia presentations

Sound and Video Contractor Reviews the C2-7260

OOH Video chooses TV One C2 Switcher/Scalers for LED install.

The Buffalo Bills use the C2-1250 for teaching and inspiration.

Older Application Stories

Soccer Circus use TV One’s C2-7100 at their new leisure facility

Chatten Assoc. uses the 1T-V1280HD in their HARV Vehicles

Sportscene uses 1T-C2-150 for their Sports Presentations

Screen Tech uses C2-7100 to Demo their Screens

Woodlawn Church uses TVOne LCD Monitors for their Video Monitoring Needs

Richland Bible Church uses C2-7100 for its Large Venue Productions

Cignal Systems uses C2-7000 Series for its Live Events

Cherry Hills Church uses C2-5100 and C2-7100 products to help create a total immersion experience

Princess Cruises uses the C2-5100 (formerly C2-770/775) to help provide a cinematic experience for their cruise guests

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